Location: Goongerah (North of) Errinundra National Park, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2016

Time: 10pm





I was driving south along Delegate Road that leads towards Orbost. It’s a dirt road, a winding logging road. I was travelling at about 80km/hr. (Delegate turns into Bonang Road and is a dirt road in certain sections)


On my right hand side I saw something ahead in the bush. It was up an embankment and I thought it was a tree. I had my driving lights on high beam. It then ran out in front of my car and I missed it by only about 1 metre. It was easily about 10ft tall.



From my Hilux Ute, I had to crouch my head down to look up to see its head.



It kept looking back as it was running, now to my left and down a gully.


I stopped about 50 metres from where it crossed. I was pretty startled. I was looking around in the direction it went and then looked at my phone but I didn’t have much reception, and in my rear vision mirror I saw it come back out of the bush coming towards me, and it was running. It was upright and running. I’ve put the car into gear and basically put my foot to the floor. This thing kept up with me until I hit around the 80km/hr mark.


When it looked at me I saw that its eyes were large and it must have been from the reflection of my lights or something, but they were a yellowy orange. They seemed to blink sideways. It was really tall, hairy and there was this horrible smell almost like a rotten egg gas.



It looked angry. It wasn’t just walking towards me, it was running full pelt towards me. I had the window down on my driver’s side. I could hear this thing. It was grunting and snorting and it let out this almighty screech. I can’t think of anything to describe it or anything that would come close to it. The smell was like rotten eggs, kind of like sulphur, the air was really rich with this smell. The smell of it was just unbelievable.



It came down from the embankment on the right side of the road and I wasn’t slowing down for it at all. I didn’t put my foot on the brake. It was about 10ft tall, it had really really broad shoulders, it was hairy, it had almost a reddish brown coloured hair, the hair was long and shaggy looking, the face was like some kind of out of shape human type of face, the head from the forehead up went into a king of cone type of shape – it didn’t go onto a rounded type shape like a normal person head does. The skin on its face looked like it was tanned, it wasn’t really dark, it was like someone who was worked out in the sun for 30 years, it was kind of brown. The arms were really long and from what I could see, the hands were huge.


I’m 6’4” and 100kg. This thing would have been about 200kg, could have been more.


After it ran out across in front of me and down into the bush, I pulled up maybe 50m away. I didn’t jump on the brakes too hard because it was a dirt road. I just stopped and couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I got my phone out and looked to see where exactly I was and it had very limited reception, then out of the corner of my eye I saw in the mirror and I saw this thing start to run back up out of the bush. It was running towards me. It was running on two legs, not four, I started driving and I lost it close to 80km/hr.



I didn’t hear it when it ran in front of me, but I heard when it came back up and out of the bush a groaning grunting and it was really loud. It screeched roughly as I began to lose it at roughly the 75/80km/hr mark. It was almost a screech crossed with a roar. I’m getting goose bumps just talking about it.



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