Location: Colac, Victoria (Between Colac and Camperdown)

Event: Yowie Sighting 

Date of Sighting: September 13th, 2012

Time: 4pm


Witness: Kelly





I was driving back from Warrnambool, looking out to the right hand side of the road. When I glimpsed back at the road, something caught my eye racing through the trees on the other side.


It was really tall and at the time I thought it may have been an aboriginal man. It was really distinct. Like, black against the green on the trees. It was in an area where there were these stone fences. 


It was running really fast. That’s when I realised it wasn’t a Human. It looked like a Human with a black coat on, but as I came closer I realised the coat was actually hair.


It was running so fast I thought it was either going to hit the fence, or jump the fence and come out onto the road, so I’m looking at the road thinking, ’am I going to hit this thing’, and then when I looked back it was gone. I thought ”Where it could has possibly gone”, because it was going way to fast just to stop – and there were no trees at that point for it to hide.


It looked like it had some type of tuft in the front of its hair. I was in shock. I mean, I had the kids in the car. I explained it to my daughter. I explained what I had seen – tall thing, hairy, this big tuft thing in the front of its hair and it was running like, super-fast, and she said that sounds like what the aboriginals talk about in the dream time that eats children, and I said OMG I’ve got to get out of here. I was petrified!


There were cars behind me and I’m like, ‘didn’t anyone else see that?’, it was as clear as the cows on the other side of the road.


It was on my left. I was looking to my right at the country side, and all the cows. It wasn’t until I looked back at the road that I saw it as it was running. When I first saw it, it was probably about 200 metres away as it was coming through the trees. It wasn’t until it came out into the clearing that I thought it was an aboriginal. Then I saw it was running faster than a Human and it wasn’t a coat, it was hair. And that it was a creature. By the time it got to the fence it would have been about 15 metres away when I turned to the road to see if I was going to hit it. If it had of jumped the fence, I would have hit it. It was very close to the fence when I turned back to the road. 


Then I looked back and it was gone?

It was running like a person, but running faster than anything I had seen. It wasn’t running like a monkey. It was up straight.


I’m 167cm. It wasn’t super tall. Probably about as tall as a football player or something. 


It was as real as the cows on the other side of the road. It wasn’t like a shadow or anything like that. It wasn’t bulky, it was thin. The hair was black. On the centre of the head looked like a pony tail. I couldn’t make out a face. It was too fast. The hair was going everywhere.

I was doing about 100kmhr. It was going fast and coming at an angle. All I can say is it was running so fast I didn’t know how it was going to stop. I don’t know how it stopped in time. Then it was gone?


The arms were down and long and its hair was shaggy. It was taller than me, but not taller than a normal Human. I kept seeing this tuft of hair on its head because it was flicking around as it was running.


So then I freaked out and drove faster than I should to Colac.


I’ve never believed in Yowies or anything like that, but I was telling my Husband and he was laughing at me saying “Oooo you saw a Yowie’ and things like that. So then I went on the net and looked up the description and that’s when I found your Website.



Everyone thinks I’m nuts, but I want to talk about it.


I mentioned it to a work mate and she said ‘You don’t know about Yowies? My Father used to see them around the Hamilton area’.


I would like to go back there and look around one day.









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