Location: Healesville, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2013

Time: 1am




I had normal driving lights and spot lights which light up the whole road. Coming back towards Healesville from the range around a few bends, we came into a straight stretch and a dip. As we came up the other side, there was this very large reddish brown animal on the left hand side of the road looking like it was getting ready to cross the road.


Driving at 60kmph, we both saw it at the same time. There was a roadside verge that went down about 12 – 13 feet and a large Mountain Gum beside the road. It was standing adjacent to that getting ready to cross the road. When I hit it with the lights, it lent forward and bent down. By the time we did this we were driving passed it.


It was over the 7foot mark, perhaps an 8 footer, because of the angle it was on it was hard to tell.



Again massively built and fairly long reddish brown hair all over. Sooz was sitting in the front left hand passenger seat and got a better look at it as it was practically right beside her as we drove past.


We did a U-Turn and came back and went to where it stood, and it was no longer there. There was smell, like a dead Wombat. A rotten meat – dead smell






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