Location: Redbank, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2008

Time: 4pm




Gold Detecting (yet another case of people detecting)


My Dad first saw it off Centre Road. He started running down the hill towards us and said, You wouldn’t believe what I saw. It was well over 7ft tall. Close to 8ft. He heard a noise and took the headphones off, turned around and saw it only 10m away peeking through the bushes. He said it looked ape like. Thick black hairy fur and when it ran it had weird arm movements. It looked like a Neanderthal man. He said it looked a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, like a half man – half ape.


30 to 40 minutes later after a coffee and a break, we went up there for a look. That was it. I know what I saw that day. I have never, not in ten years prospecting, ever seen one of these things. We went up the Bridal track into the granite Country, which is rocky hilly terrain – this is only about 200m from where Dad saw it and it was only 50m away from the car and it looked at us then continued to cross the dirt track, then went down a hill.


We know what we saw. I just wish I had a camera on me back then. We were all in shock and disbelief of what we saw. It was my GF who first saw it. We were only doing about 10 or 15kmph up the hill and she saw it first.

 It went from the right to the left, then paused and looked at the car, then just kept walking.


 From my recollection, it looked about 7 to 7 1/2ft tall. I’m 6’6”, add another foot on top of me, easily, easily…


It was hairy, all black, a very dark brown to black. It had a weird walk. I know what I saw. It was a Bigfoot.


Like looking at a Neanderthal man, likes its branched off into a cave man/animal. Half animal and half Human. The walk was 60% arms and only 40% leg movement.



I can give you a 200% surety, this thing was a Bigfoot. This sighting was 50m away. It was the second for the day. The head was bigger than a Humans head. Had to be slightly bigger than a Basket Ball. Definitely bigger than a Humans head.


It looked up when it saw the car and just kept going….


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