Location: Redbank, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2008

Time: 4pm





(This is the Father and fellow witness of the other 2008 Redbank Encounter. He also mentions during interview of another Gold Detecting friend who found himself being watched by a Yowie while Detecting at Natte Yallock, which is next to Redbank).



I was up the dirt road and there was bush to the left and the right. I had the headphones of the detector off because I was digging a hole looking for Gold. I normally take them off while digging because you get sweaty around the ears. I was on my haunches digging when I heard a rustle in the bush like somebody walking with heavy steps at around 4pm or 4.30, and I saw it clearly. It wasn’t just a silhouette, I saw it front on. It was covered in a lot of black hair. Imagine a normal man walking but with long arms and loping with big strides. It was looking around and looked at me. I walked after it and as soon as I went after it, it looked back at me again, then ran into the bush. I followed it. He went into thicker bush but then I just couldn’t see him?

When I first saw him, he was on the road about 50 yards away. He was walking and when I got up on two feet from my haunches he saw me and stopped.


I walked towards it with my pick in my hand and it got a sort of a jolt but it didn’t run, it just sort of walked quickly into the bush. The quicker I walked, the quicker it loped. I followed it. I followed it for a little bit but I couldn’t hear it or see it because then it went into the dense bush near the Dam. I wasn’t fearful for myself at the time. It was just instinct. I had to know what it was. He looked at me, then turned to the right into the bush, then all of a sudden it disappeared?


It walked with a gait, it was a big stride. I saw it for 3 or 4 minutes. It was like an eternity. I was so absorbed with it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was all fully covered with straight matted hair. I couldn’t make out its facial features because it was all covered with hair. I couldn’t make out its eyes or mouth. I’m nearly 6ft tall and this thing would have been about 7 or 8 feet tall. It was a bit stooped over. It wasn’t walking straight like a person, it was like it had curvature of the spine or something? It had long stride like it was marching, but not high legs like an army style of marching. It was leaning forward and was propelling itself with its arms.


I went back to my Son and said I’d seen something very strange and that it looked like a Yowie and my Son wanted to go for a look. When we were in the car we saw something as we went passed in the car. My Son and his Girlfriend had a better view of it than me because I was looking at the road.








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