Location: Hepburn Springs (above), Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June 2nd, 2019

Time: Night

Witness: Female





I work with the Paranormal. Ghosts and hauntings – that type of thing. We decided to have a girls night out camping while looking at the elemental side of the mountain because there are aboriginal spirits up there.


We had set up camp and were having a roam around looking at the area and checking out the scenery. The first thing we came across was a trident, and we kept walking and we were seeing things like logs threaded through trees, and then we came across a Tee-Pee. I thought this is really weird, and I certainly didn’t think we had a Bigfoot here.


We headed back to camp and that night sitting around the camp fire, we could hear grunts. We thought Possum? Then we heard something like boulders being thrown. At no stage did we feel threatened or scared or anything like that.


My friend had to go for a toilet break so I watched her wander off in my peripheral and I could see her phone light in the distance moving around. Her phone light shone back and between her and me, and between two trees stood standing there was this freaking Bigfoot with his back towards me. He was freaking huge.


I always expected for them to be more buff, but his body and torso was more long and streamlined. The legs were shorter in comparison.


Then he was gone and I was like ‘Oh my God!’


He was actually looking at her. He was just standing there. Then he was gone.


I wasn’t drunk and I wasn’t taking any drugs. It just blew me away.


We were camped right on the bush and he was about 5 metres away from the fire. It wasn’t the light and it wasn’t paridolia or anything like that. It was solid. I had enough time to get a good look at him. He had short black hair and he was huge. I was sitting down and I’m 5’5” and he was about double our size. He was massive. 


But how can they move so fast? That really blew me away more than anything. I could believe how fast he would had to of moved. 


He didn’t really have a neck. It was like his head was plonked on top of his shoulders. The top of his head was a little bit coned and he was very tall. He was huge.


Jess came back and sat down. I didn’t want to scare her but I told her and she was like “Oh my God’… I didn’t feel threatened of frightened but I didn’t want to go looking for it because I didn’t want to come face to face with them.


When we woke up in the morning (we had two tents and a swag), all around us were these footprints. It was really cold up there and it was like someone had disturbed the ground. That was a bit of a mind blower.


The day before when we were walking around and we heard the low grunting and the boulder being thrown, we did some rock clacking and had a response. That was the only time we had any communication.  


You know when you see a Silverback, you expect a Bigfoot to have that type of muscularity. This didn’t. He was more lean and tall. He had big shoulders, but the rest of him was just long.  






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