Location: Hepburn Springs, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: January - February, 2020

Time: Various

Female Witness.




I was just moving into this house and it was my first night. A close friend helped me move and she decided to stay over the night. She slept on the fold out couch in the living room and I went to bed, tired after a busy day.


In the morning, she said ‘OMG, I don’t know what was going on last night, but it was a little crazy out there.’ I thought it must have been possums or normal bush noise and I brushed it off like that. She also said that she didn’t know what was outside the living room window on the deck last night, but she had never felt what she did before that night. She said there was a constant unease where she just felt this level of dead that she had not felt before.


The following night, I was in the bathroom just on dusk. I was facing the mirror which reflected the window behind me. I saw this dark brown hairy figure looking in, but when I turned around, it was gone. I thought perhaps I was tired. But then I ended up having several moments like that, typically in the bathroom. At one stage I thought it may have been my hair over the corner of my eye, but this had reddish brown hair, and I’m blonde. Plus I had these feelings of being watched.


It was standing central in the window. It was just the head and shoulders. Dark brown reddish hair which was 3 or 4cm long. It didn’t feel bad/horrible (at that stage), it just felt like it was checking me out. I felt unnerved.


It ducked away in the opposite direction of the stairs, which was the weird part. It went the other (wrong) way.


I googled it and came across Dean’s AYR Website because I had a strong feeling that this is what it is, and then I searched and Dean has a great Sighting Database so I started scrolling and the last sighting was in Hepburn Springs! Then I realised it’s not just me.


Last night I had all the windows and doors open. I was sitting there reading at about 8pm, then all of a sudden someone is walking along the deck past the living room. I got up and went to the kitchen where the back screen door is to turn the light on, and it leapt the deck and ran through the bushes below which leads down the gully behind the house. It was bipedal, it was on two feet. If it were human, it would have ran back down the veranda, down the stairs and down the path – not over the deck (long fall below), through the thick bushes and undergrowth in the dark. Nobody could have navigated that in the dark.


Another time I was in the bathroom, there was this awful strong smell, it was really gross. It was a rotting flesh type smell. I didn’t know if it was blocked drain of a dead mouse or possum in the roof. When I got back home that day, there was no smell at all. Absolutely nothing.


I don’t get scared and I’m not scared of the dark. On the full moon, I had this strong feeling of a male energy outside, then after a while it felt like it turned quite predatory. I could feel it all night. I had an extreme type of fear. It was an immobilising fear, I was petrified. I was frozen scared.


In the early morning it seemed to have left. I looked out the window and everything was fine again.


The second night I was there, it was dark and I heard this noise that sounded like a squealing wailing pig noise and something moving through the bush. Hepburn Springs isn’t known for pigs. It wasn’t a Koala. I’ve heard it a few times, but not for the past couple of weeks.


This is the story so far.


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