Location: Barmah Forest, Victoria ( Murray River )

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 2007

Time: 3am


[Male Witness]




For about 12 years I was homeless and I travelled picking fruit from Queensland, News South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.


I had a bit of time off and went to the Baramah Forest to camp for a few days during winter. It was just a normal night. I had a fire and put it out before I went to bed. I sat there reading a book for a while and then turned in at about 9pm.


I woke to hear 5 or 6 footsteps coming towards my tent at about 3am. Then I heard a growling sound as it stood there outside my tent, and from the growling I knew it wasn’t human because humans don’t growl like that. Then it poked my tent, just lightly, and then poked some more and more and them push the tent, and then collapsed the tent down on me.


It started feeling my face and running its hands down my sides. It’s hands were massive like the size of a basket ball and the fingers were as thick as sausage rolls. Then it got up and stood there for about 30 seconds not moving. It didn’t make a sound as it was listening to what was in the tent, and then it just walked off in the opposite direction.


I knew from the growl it wasn’t a person, otherwise I would have yelled out, so I just had to lay there and play dead here. I lay there and held my breath. When it stood up and stood there for about 30 seconds, it was just listening. Then it wandered off with big footsteps.


I never heard it coming to start with, it just appeared. There was only a good 5 or 6 footsteps up to the tent. Then it growled and started poking the tent, really lightly at first like it was feeling the material, then it was like it got more and more courage.


It was a moonlit night, so I could see the tent moving and the finger. Then it just got more and more and then just collapsed the tent on top of me.


The growl sounded like it had frustration at the end of it. I found a sound on the internet on a site called ‘Monster Sound Effects’ that sounds just like it. It was just the one growl and then it started poking the tent and pushing on it more and more.


I was asleep at first, and then heard the footsteps coming. Out there in the bush you can hear things from a mile away, but all I heard were the 5 or 6 steps. I’d pulled the blanket up over my head because I knew it wasn’t a person by the growl. I lay there playing dead.


I could feel the pressure on me as its running its hands all over figuring out what was in there. It was holding the tent down on my face. It was a two person dome tent. The hand covered my whole head. I played dead and tried not to breathe. It was for any longer, I would have had to struggle because I was running out of breath. I could feel an arm over my waist and the other hand was feeling over my head like it was trying to feel what I was.


As it stood off, the tent popped up back to a dome and it just stood there for 30 seconds.


After something like that, it kind of changes you. I was terrified. I sat in the tent until first light and then packed my pushbike and left.



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