Location: Mitta Mitta, Victoria

Victorian High Country

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: October 24, 2023

Time: Night

Interviewed by Paul Cropper. 

[Male Witness]

Recorded 13/4/24



Jarrad: I had a visual sighting… about 30 kilometres in the same Alpine National Park area..


Paul: Take me through the experience…


Jarrad: There's a hut called McNamara's Hut and it's one of my favourite huts. I've been there numerous times and I like to just go out for walks with my dog… I love being outdoors, there's something about the peace and tranquillity of it. Like I said been many times, nothing happened this day, it was strange, it was a Saturday.


Just went out about 9a.m and I got to my destination at about 11.45. When I pulled up it's about a two-hour walk… like I said, maybe 20 times in my life (I’ve) done this same walk. It's the same experience, it's usually the same temperature, everything's the same. I got to McNamara's Hut about three o'clock roughly and had a drink, gave some food to my dog Razor and we just kicked back… it's just a beautiful place.


And another thing I forgot to say is when I go out, I'm actually super aware of everything that's going on… I make sure that before I do anything, I'm covered. Like I've got a plan A, a plan B and a plan C. It sounds… a little intense, but it's just something that I've had to do throughout my life.


Like I said, it's about 3.30 pm and the weather starts to change a little bit. I'm starting to think, okay, it's about two hours back and if I leave now and I've just sort of got here, it's going to be a waste.


I thought I'd wait it out a little bit. Maybe another half an hour goes (and) there's a little bit of snowfall and stuff, clouds get a little dark and I'm thinking I've got to leave now and for some reason I just I had this instinct of leaving but I didn't want to leave… I’d had a pretty crappy week at work…


So the weather starts to change a little bit and I'm like… well, I can light a fire here if I have to stay here for the night. That's okay, but I don't want to walk at night. So I'm okay, everything's fine, I wasn't worried at that point. Ten minutes later my dog Razor just starts barking runs straight out the door. My instinct is maybe he's seen a deer or just an animal…


I was just like, hey, he's gone out. I've got up and my instinct was to run. I followed him and he's quick, so he's going into… this little clearing and I'm spending like maybe 15 minutes out there. I'm calling him and calling him. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I could hear nothing… there was a little bit of wind, but there was nothing. It just felt strange.



So about 15 minutes goes past and then I hear a – f’ck - it's just, it was like a bellow. I'm not even gonna say roar. It's distinct from what other people have heard. I know people have said it was almost like it's got this power behind it… as soon as I heard it I just instantly thought I'm f’cked. Sorry my language. I thought I'm fucked and I and I just felt so tiny and insignificant and it was like, I can't explain it mate, other than dread. It was dread and I was like, I'm fucked. I've got to get back, but I don't want to leave my dog and at the same time I just have to get out of here.


I go back to the cabin and then I hear my dog as I'm probably 10 feet from the door. I hear my dog and it was a whelp. I just I sort of sunk because I'm like what the f’ck was that sound. I hear my dog and I was out yelling, like whistling, so I hear this whelp. Then like, no shit, I go up. I walked around this same spot and on my mother's life, he wasn't there but (then) he was there. He had some blood in his mouth. I looked at him, I'm like are you okay, he was okay, but he was sort of shaking a little bit. I'm like all right let's go we go back to the hut. Now it's nearly dark and I was like sitting down. I'm getting a drink I'm sort of like don't know really what to do.


Then I stand up and I sort of walk out and I'm just sort of looking scanning the area and stuff. I go up to the clearing on top. It's probably a 15-metre walk up to the top. I go up to the top and I start scanning again there's nothing, there's nothing, but it's silent. I go back to the hut and as I go back to the hut and I'm about to walk in and then I just look back again - and this f’cking thing is standing there.


It's about eight foot, it's blonde. Nothing on its face, no hair on its face nothing on its chest. The same description as what most people have… this thing was big. This thing f’cking terrified me. It had no expression.


I stared at it for at least a minute or two and there was nothing mate there was absolutely no emotion. I'm stuck in… and I mean I'm at the f’cking door mate… I can't go anywhere and… I'm f’cked. I'm thinking okay… if this thing actually comes at me and I go inside what happens then. I mean there's nowhere I can go. There was one window… I would have had to jump through the window, but even then … I couldn't do anything and then it's… no expression. It just walked off… on two legs, just normally and it wasn't hunched over. It obviously… wasn't a human, I know that, but it walked off. The way it just it looked at me was like - you're not supposed to be here, or whatever - get out there's either that or it was basically, well, look I could kill you. There's nothing in this world, no man could do anything to this.


Paul: What happened after you saw it?


Jarrad: I couldn't leave. I didn't want to walk because I just felt well, now I'm in the open, all I felt was that… if it was gonna come it would have done it. I thought if I go out and it's sort of this is it… that's all I thought. At the same time it's like I wanted to get out but I couldn't. I'm not gonna lie. I like to think I'm tough - I'm not - and maybe that’s… a wake-up call that I needed. I've never felt something like that where I felt so helpless in my life.


I haven't told anyone … in my circles… I think they would just think I was insane. It's affected my mental health a little bit. At one stage I thought that maybe I was I was crazy, but I'm not. I feel like they can shape-shift… I feel like when the native americans talk about these things, it's more like a lot of their belief some of them talk about.. it's like … something supernatural.  I think because there was nothing… gorilla or ape-like about this… it had a human-like quality… but it didn't feel animalistic either, if that makes sense.


Paul: When you're looking at this thing you said you said it was pretty big it was like eight foot and it was white?


Jarrad: … this was a very light, almost like a like an amber, blondie colour, like a light, very light brown…it was nearly on dark, but it definitely it was light it was like a light colour, yeah.


Paul: when you're when you were looking at this thing… you mentioned there was hair in some parts and there was not hair in other parts…


Jarrad: … it wasn't all over the place, it wasn't like shaggy or anything it was funny enough it looked well groomed… it wasn't a shaggy, like the hair wasn't patchy or anything it was basically one color and like I said…there was no hair on its face and there was no hair on its chest.


Paul: What was the distance between you (and the creature)?


Jarrad: 25 metres, no more than that.


Paul: Was it on a track or was it just out in the open?


Jarrad: It was just there like it appeared there… I'm thinking, well, what's that noise… I didn't think of anything, I didn't think of a bigfoot, I wasn't thinking of that, I just honestly thought “what was that.”


Paul: When you're looking at its face…describe the face.


Jarrad: This was more human-like, but other than that other than the face, nothing about it to me was human, but yes, the face was more human… the eyes were distinct, the nose was obviously a little bigger…


Paul: Was it a human nose?


Jarrad: It was human-like but it was like more broad, but it wasn't like a broad human nose, if that makes sense… I've looked at gorillas and it sort of had that but… it was almost like a hybrid of a human… other than that the face was it wasn't…


Paul: You mentioned it was just standing there. Did it move at all?


Jarrad: It was like I was looking at a statue. There was no movement, there was no blinking… for as big as it was, there was very little movement… then it just turned around and walked… then it went into the treeline and then that was it. So that's really my experience and it's sort of done a little bit of - not damage for me - but it's just something that I can't sort of wrap my head around.


Paul: When you're looking at this thing what was the body shape that you're looking at?


Jarrad: It just looked like an absolute (unit) and when I say big it was big, yes, broad shoulders, big round like arms like the same thickness (as) the body but it was ripped… mate, this thing was ripped.


Paul: Were its arms the same length as a human?


Jarrad: It looked like …someone had genetically modified - I know that's science fiction but all I thought was…this thing is an absolute weapon of a specimen in all aspects… it was ripped… it was perfectly proportioned… like the best of the best of that species, you know… I was absolutely f’cked if this thing wanted me. I was dead but at the same time, I didn't feel I was I was scared… I didn't feel a threat from it… it doesn't have to do anything to me physically because… it was almost like it was telling me… look I'm here, you see me, it's almost like it knew that if I just see it, it'll be enough. It doesn't have to do anything to me physically because it just almost, it was almost like it was telling me, look, I'll be with you now, you're going to see me, this is it, like I'm here…


That's my experience Paul and as bizarre as it might sound to some people.  I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to get it off my chest because I feel significantly better…


Paul: I did want to ask one thing - you said it was last year?


Jarrad: 2023 it was October 24th.


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