Location: Kalamundra (Canning Dam), Western Australia.


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1983.


Source: Pinkey Report, (John Pinkey investigates the increadible).


Witness: Tim Masser, (Then 21).








A young fruit shop manager believes he has discovered a nest belonging to Australia’s fabled man monster, the Yowie.


Tim Masser, 21, made the startling find in deep bush outside Kalamunda, Wa – shortly after he had been confronted by an immense humanoid creature covered in matted fur.


His encounter is one of dozens of sightings reported from remote townships. Most witnesses have described the creature as huge and red eyed with a nauseating smell.

“The thing confronted me when I was walking down a country road late one night in 1983.” Tim recalls. “Suddenly, I knew something was shuffling along near me, keeping pace. It was concealed in the bush flanking the road.”


“Then the creature stepped out of the shadows. It was huge and covered with thick fur. Its posture was manlike and its face was hairless. Its eyes glowed red in a car’s headlights and for that reason I didn’t wait around. Next day, I checked out the area with a friend.


Beside Canning Dam we found several immense splay toed footprints. Then, deeper in the bush we discovered three springy beds, built from branches and leaves and set in holes in the ground. Around the nests were bush cones which had been chewed.”


“Three years later when I read an article about Bigfoot, I went back to photograph those beds. They were still there, but obviously abandoned. The dam level had risen and obliterated the footprints.”


Tim now hopes to persuade Perth scientists to investigate the Yowie-bower which he’s convinced was built by an intelligent being.


“I know several people in this area alone, who have seen the Yowie,” Tim says. “One couple, camping in Whistlestop Gully, was so frightened by the creature sniffing around that they took pot shots at it.


There are rumours that an elderly man, who vanished in the bush several years ago, was abducted by one of the creatures. You often read that Bigfoot's and Yowies are friendly – but I’m not too sure.”





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