Location: Mandurah, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2011

Time: 9pm


I was driving home from Bunbury with my girlfriend in the car. We had just come off the freeway and heading towards a petrol station and on the right is a location named Black Lake or Black Salt Lake.

I was doing about 80-90kmph, there was a car ahead of us and all of a sudden this big thing, and I’m about 6’8” and it was about the same, was on the left side of my car and I don’t know how I didn’t hit it. It came from the right and leapt over 2 lanes and just cleared us.


It’s a new Freeway. On the left is farmers paddock and a river and on the right is an estuary. There’s a lot of land you could live in.


I saw it in mid-air, the left headlight shone in its leg and torso. It was black and hairy. It was so close I don’t know how it didn’t knock off the side mirror. It was unbelievable. It just about went over my bonnet. It ran from right to left and leapt across the front of the car.


There was a car 20 – 30m ahead of me. I don’t know why it didn’t wait because there were no cars behind me. Maybe he saw the first car and thought the coast was clear.



I was expecting a bump or my mirror to be taken off. But nothing.

I’m 6’8” and 150kg and it was about my size. My girlfriend saw the entire thing, the whole figure. I saw it illuminated in the headlight. It was so quick. The hair was matted, dreadlocked, about 8 – 10cm in length. It was black. It was chunky, about the same width of me, it was pretty built. Long legs. Big tall fellow, pretty wide. Like me but covered in hair I guess.


It was unbelievably close. I really expected my mirror to be hit off. It was so quick. I just keep wondering why it would jump over the front of my car.


At first I thought it was someone playing chicken with the car, but nobody would have agility like that and be covered in fur. We were shocked. We should have turned around and looked for prints. We were just shocked.


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