Location: Jarrahdale, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Year: 2020


[Male Witness]




I’ve camped at this dam previously and I’ve had no experiences but very little animal activity.  There’s no kangaroos out there, there’s no wallabies there’s nothing.  I was out there by myself, there’s no walking tracks, there’s one four-wheel drive track that only leads maybe 500 metres into the bush and at the end of that there’s a wild pig track.  Once you go past that there are no tracks, nothing at all.  And so I was using my machete just to cut my way through a bracken fern.  I came across a small track; it was quite wide up the top and narrow down the middle to the bottom where you would normally walk.  I’d never seen a track way that looked like that at all.  


I was quite surprised, and I noticed that it went all the way down to the water and then all the way back up where the water feeds in the dam.  I decided just to… walk this track, if I could see anything or if I could try and figure out what it was, ‘cause it was quite well defined.  So I started walking up, away from the dam towards the hill section of the area and I’d walked about 20 metres. There was a tree on the left and the track goes past it.  As I started walking up, on the left-hand side of the tree I noticed…it wasn’t really a hand it was… 3 or 4 fingers, just move…move behind the tree.  I’m thinking to myself what the f**k was that? 


I saw the thing out of the peripherals, I looked over at the hand, I seen the fingers and as I went to look at the tree itself I seen the head poke backwards.  I saw just the shadow of the corner of its eye as it pulled backwards so I knew that it was looking at me.


I’ve had a few experiences with wild animals and my first response is not to fight or flight, it’s just to freeze and then slowly start backing up.  As I started doing that, I’d walked about 3 steps backwards.  Then from the right-hand side of the tree and then straight onto the track…this thing just stood out!  And…it was smaller than me, it came up to a little bit higher than my sternum. I’m about 5’11 nearly 6 ft, I was judging this thing to be about 4 foot high.  At first I thought it was like 5 and a half feet tall, but the fact is it was standing on one of the roots of the tree that was actually hanging out into the track when it confronted me.  I didn’t actually realise that until me and my brother went back there and we took a rough measurement and it would have been about 4 to 4 and a half feet tall.


This thing was so wide and so stumpy, like it didn’t have stumpy legs, but short legs.  I saw the body; I didn’t really get a feeling if it was male or female.  I wasn’t looking between the legs or looking for breasts or anything like that, my body was just in a total state of shock.  It was very wide at the shoulders, easily as wide as me, it was wide at the top narrow at the bottom.  The arms were longer, they were near its knees, its hands were past its knees, that’s the best way that I could describe it. 


When it first stepped out and I saw the expressions on its face it looked in shock and fear.  Its mouth was partly open, like it was taking a big breath.  When it looked at me and we noticed each other, I would have had fear and shock in my eyes, there was no anger.  At first its eyes were wide open; you could see the tiny little bit of white that it had in its eyes because it was frightened of me.  Then because I was backing up it just turned into rage, it was just pure anger and rage after that.  You can see these things playing across its face instantly.  As it changed to anger it snarled at me, but there was no noise.  It sort of curled or peeled its lips back and showed me its teeth, they were a yellow colour.  It didn’t have fangs, like you would on a gorilla perse or a chimp.  They looked more like our teeth with slightly longer eye teeth, but they weren’t big and menacing or anything like that.


Just with the pure rage in its face at the end, the best suggestion I can make is the only time I’ve seen rage like that it’s come from a male.  It was shocking to see, I mean this things face, it was so human and it wasn’t, it’s the only way I can really describe it.   


Then this thing just raised its arms in the air above its head and it took 2 steps towards me. I could s**t myself, I had no idea what to do.  I’ve been looking into it and that’s what primates do when they feel threatened.  They try to lift their arms up above their head and make themselves bigger.  I did a lot of martial arts as a young kid, so I automatically went into a taekwondo stance and put my hands up and as soon as I did that it just turned around and took off running like an Olympic sprinter, and it was grunting, and it was snorting.   


Going back in my mind it was just more the top of its head which was conical.  Not as conical as like you would have on a full primate, it was quite high. 


It would have had 5 digits, they were quite short, stumpy, fat fingers.  When I saw it running, I knew that it had no hair on the palms or pads of its hands.  The fingers were covered with hair, not as much as the body but it was still covered.  You could see that the hair ended sort of midway through the fingers and was also on the ends of the fingers.  The skin wasn’t dark it was sort of like grey, a silvery, dark grey.  The hands had very, very wide, square, nasty yellow fingernails on them, and they were broken, that’s the best way that I can describe it.  I know that sounds fantastic but that’s what it was.


The body hair was reddish all-over, it was red- black.  I saw the tips of its fur just went red, dark red, and as it started going in it was darker.  The only way I seen the red in it was because it was running up the track in broad daylight.  There was no dappled shade or dappled sunlight.  The best way that I can say is it was less thick on the front than it was on the back, but it was still very, very thick.


I saw feet, I didn’t see it from the front because I was only looking at its face when it stepped out.  Its feet were very, very wide, like ‘Thorpy’ [Australian Swimming Olympic Gold Medallist] wide, but very, very short as well.  So it was about the same size as like a 4 ft high person, same size feet but a hell of a lot wider.  When it was running…I seen the pads of its feet, they were bare, the same colour as its hands, but they were caked in dirt, like the undergrowth of the bush.  I can only say that this was the thing that was making that track.


I’m a little bit out of my mind at the moment just thinking about this because it was a year ago, September last year, so yeah it’s been a fair while. I’m quite aware of myself and things in the bush, after being chased by a cassowary up in North Queensland, having experiences with a lot of crocs as well.  So I’m very aware of movement out of the corner of my eye or just off in the bush, it usually either means the winds blowing or there’s something dangerous near you and that’s…that’s what I got, but I had no feeling of being watched and I smelt nothing.


I wasn’t really in my right mind and to think about it now I’m not in my right mind [inaudible] thinking about it.  But it covered…I don’t know it would have run up the hill about 50 metres in about maybe 5 or 6 seconds.  This thing was so god damn fast it wasn’t funny. 


It got up to the top of the hill and it turned around and sort of like bent down and picked up a rock but it was screaming at me.  It just lifted its arm, and I felt…it was a rock because I noticed when it came past me I heard it and it was so close to my face, I heard it hit the tree behind me.


I don’t know whether the scream started first or whether he threw the rock first, it was sort of the same time, ‘cause I’m still in shock now trying to think about it, trying to get the facts right.  It let off the scream and this thing was so, so loud…it was so loud.  And it felt like the scream almost rattled my eyeballs and was vibrating my skull.  That’s how it felt.  At first it was a high pitched…I don’t know how to describe it, it was sort of a cross between a mountain lion and a bear, that’s the best way to describe it.  As the scream was dying off it just got low, it had this deep throated roar as it finished. That’s the tone of the voice, or the tone of the scream. 


I mean this thing would have been heard for miles, I’m surprised that people from the water corporation didn’t came into the bush.  So they obviously know something that I don’t.  They do know there’s something out there, that’s my personal opinion.  There’s nothing that I’ve heard out in the Australian bush that sounded like that, if I was a ranger I’d want to know what the hell it was and I’d be coming out looking.  And no-one came.


After that, it just took off back down the other side of the hill, and I could hear it running through the bush for a good 50 metres in and it just got quieter and quieter.  I never seen it again, I’ve never seen anything like that before.  This thing was f*****g terrifying!  If it decided to attack me I think this thing probably would have killed me, but it didn’t.  I’m a forty-year-old grown man but I went back to my campsite and I cried, I was so frightened of this thing.


After about an hour, I picked myself up together, and I grabbed my tent, ‘cause I got a little one-man tent.  I actually waited on the outskirts of where everybody is cause the water corporation is there, and I just waited out of sight.  And at 5:30 the gate closes and the park’s closed, and I immediately, where the water corporation has their pumping stations and stuff it’s got a very, very high barbed wire fence.  And I just grabbed all my stuff threw it over the top and jumped over in there, and I camped there.  That night I had no fire, because I didn’t want to light a fire, I just used my [gas cooker] and I cooked my food in that.


All through the night there were no really weird noises, I heard one wood knock, what I know now is a wood knock.  I had a stick land on my tent that night, but that could have just been the trees because the trees overhang this area.  When I was sitting outside the tent that night, I did feel like I was being watched for a little while but that went away pretty fast.  And that’s about all I can really say.  The next morning, I got up about 5:30, packed up all my stuff, I got out of the barbed wire area, I went back down to where the pipes are, my Father picked me up at about 9:30 that morning and I was gone. 


Later on me and my brother went back, since we’ve been there there’s a massive cross there now, there’s a massive X.  Its huge, I don’t know if this thing made it or whether its natural, we just seen it and me and my brother didn’t want to go anywhere near it.  Its interlocked with another tree, its one dead tree and one live tree and they’re interlocked together and its huge.  I mean this X probably reaches 10 metres in the air where it crosses over.  It wasn’t there last time.


My friend’s father in Nannup (Western Australia) told me there are heaps of Woodarchies [Western Australian term for Yowie] out there and I had no idea what he was talking about, then I found out what they actually are.


I don’t go camping there alone like I used to, there’s no going out by myself anymore.  There’s been one time where my brother and I felt like we were being watched but we just put up with it and made our campfire a lot bigger, a lot bigger than we normally would.  Within 15 minutes of us building up that fire it went away.  But it wasn’t menacing, the watching didn’t feel scary, it felt like whatever was watching us it felt curious, as to what we were doing there. 


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