Location: Corel Bay, Western Australia


Event: Yowie Attack


Date: 2000





This is a story my best friend who is an airline pilot told me, he doesn’t have any reason to lie the story is too bizarre to be crap in my opinion.

When Anthony was about 25 ( he is 30 now), he was at Coral Bay which is in the north of Western Australia. He was there getting his hours up since as he’s a pilot

 (now a commercial pilot with Qantas), and in order to get selected as a pilot you have to have a certain number of hours etc..

So he  was at coral bay which is on the coast and next to a large natural reef. Its a very isolated town on the edge of desert and by desert - I mean desert... There is a big bugger all out there past the town

This is what a very good friend told him and Anthony, told me. I believe him fully , Anthony says it still brings tears to his eyes. He doesn’t like to think about it ...

His mate was laying down sleeping on his front in a caravan on the edge of the desert. Next to the caravan is an annex which has a canvas awning which is like a tent connected to the caravan. There is a zipper and some plastic that you can walk through... on this particular night, the zipper was undone........

While lying there, he heard the flap open... keep in mind he's a very big man - also very tough and quite mean at maybe 190 cm tall ...and he weighs over 110 kgs.

He then hears some paws on the ground and thinks "Must be a dog ..."

Suddenly the door opens ( things aren’t kept locked at night there is no need the caravan was isolated no real reason to fear burglary etc ) and something BIG, and I mean big, jumped onto his back and PINNED his arms and legs down...... All he knew is that he had NO strength compared to this thing. It HELD him down and began growling into his ear......


He was soooo scared he couldn’t move.....he was frozen stiff. If it was a burglar he would have bashed the burglar senseless as the guy is a big bloke but..he couldn’t do anything other than lay there frozen in fear.

After sometime, the thing jumped off him and just disappeared into the darkness..he just lay there scared sh*#less.



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