Location: Donnybrook, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 2011

Time: 3pm

Witness: Native American




I was heading towards the tip, going up the hill. There was a guy coming down the hill and we both saw it at the same time. When I stopped, he stopped and he was watching it run down the hill too.

I was going to speak to the other guy. We were both stunned and then we both just drove off in different directions.


I was coming down the hill and some movement caught my eye. It looked like an Orangutan.


I’m 5ft10” and it was a little bit shorter than me, but it was a hell of a lot stockier than I am. It didn’t move like an Orangutan, it ran like I would down the hill. The other guy stopped, so he must have seen it too.

It ran, hooked on to a tree and swung around it then another tree. It used the trees to propel itself. He was really fast and into the bush.



It was muscular. It looked like an Orangutan, but it didn’t move like a monkey. Hair was longer on the arms – dark brown reddish. Matted hair. I was shocked.



There was no way that was a Human. I couldn’t run down that hill like that. It flung itself around the trees before it landed. He was moving fast.


You don’t expect to see a monkey running in the bush



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