Location: Mingew, Western Australia

Event: Sighting

Date: Dec 2007



Last Friday got caught in a wild storm with rain, low level lightning, and winds that slowed my car down to 40kms per hour.

Approx 10-20km North East of Mingew W.A.

Ahead on the road a creature scurried across about 60metres away. It walked on all fours like a low loping gorilla, with front legs longer than the rear. It was a wet dark brown hairy colour, with a low set head. Its right hand appeared to be kind of curled as though it may have been grasping something.

Its body was about or just over three foot long. When I got to where it crossed I slowed down but didn’t stop as the trees looked they might snap and there were close strikes of lightning.

Strange ape like creature. The Yowie?








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