Location: Between Meckering and Dowrin, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1st November, 2015

Time: 2am




[Wife]: Both myself and my Husband saw it. It was very big. We have an Isuzu D-Max and it was a lot taller than our car, it was quite tall.


It was between 5 to 10 kilometres from the turn off from Meckering to Dowrin (heading north). When we saw it, it was looking in at the sheep in a paddock. It was on the left hand side of the road.


We did phone the Shire and tell them what we saw and how it looked like it was going to attack the sheep. They said they hadn’t heard of it before.


I asked my husband to turn around, but he wouldn’t. If I were driving, I would have turned around.


[Husband]: We weren’t travelling that fast. We were travelling at night. We had been travelling along the Mackering-Dowrin Road for probably 10 to 15 minutes. We have big spotlights on the front of the car, so they light up everything. We saw this thing on the left side of the road staring off into the paddock. It was way bigger than a man. The arms, legs and torso were just huge. It was a light greyish in colour. We both looked at each other and said What the hell is that? My wife said, Let’s go back and I said, NO!. It was big.


It wasn’t far away from the car and we were only doing about 50 – 60 kilometres an hour because it was late and night and it was a road we don’t travel down much. We were taking it quite easy and we got a good look at this thing as we went passed. The top of my car is just over 6ft high and this thing was way bigger than that. It may have been 7 – 8ft, it was really big. Up against the car, it looked really big. I don’t scare easy, but for something like that, I wasn’t about to turn around. It was on my Wife’s side of the car and she was almost right next to it.


When you hear people say a person’s shoulders were wider than an axe handle, well, these were larger. Its arms and legs were long and the torso was long and the hair on the body was also quite long.


[Wife]: It was full of hair and the neck was covered in hair. It had its arms hanging down and they were really long. I got a better look because it was on my side. It was huge. It was a lot bigger than 7ft. It was massive and the width was really wide. Wide shoulders with a smaller head, and all hair. It didn’t have a long neck. It was looking into the paddock where the sheep were. The skin on its palms was black.


The road was long and straight. We had the LED Spotlights on, so it was crystal clear. It was lit up like daylight.


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