Location: Wandina - Geraldton, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2016

Time: Late Afternoon





It was quite frightening to say the least. I don’t talk about it much because some people don’t believe you or think that you’re crazy. I have spoken to a close friend about it and my partner and my son, because both my partner and my son had seen the same thing as I did. They explained to me in detail exactly what they saw, before I had actually mentioned what I had seen myself.


Strange things had begun happening the moment we moved into the house. I was renting at the time.


My partner was working away from home at night. The first thing was my son said ‘Mum, I saw a black man outside’… At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, because it was a high rate aboriginal community, so I thought it may have been someone hanging around the house.


Then things started to escalate a bit. I would have the blinds closed during the day, but you could still see through the direct sunlight onto the curtains a shadow walk past, and I would be sitting there watching TV and I would constantly see a human figure type shadow walking past behind me and around to the side of the house and then I would think it was just a Postman delivering a parcel. I had no family here and no friends at the time, so that was the only person I could think of that would who be around the house. I would go and look, but there would be nobody there.


Then I started seeing things. I would have the just screen door shut but could feel something watching me. I stood up and saw at the front screen door, like a black figure looking at me. Then one day I had that feeling again that something was watching me and I had a the gazeebo at the side of the house and I saw this dark figure walk past towards it. It was a really strange type of walk. It was more stooped over with elongated arms, not completely hunched and not completely upright. It wasn’t overly tall.


It was walking along not paying too much attention and I was standing there watching it thinking it was a naked man, and the next minute it turned around and I was bloody petrified. Even now talking about it I’m getting shivers… I still don’t feel comfortable talking about it because as I said, a lot of people are very sceptical. If I could draw, I would draw exactly what I saw but I’m not the best artist.


I did some research afterwards of what I saw, and found that something similar to what I saw was Homo-Erectus or Homohabilis. It wasn’t as hairy as an ape but it was harrier than a person. It would have only been about 5m away so I got a good look.


It frightened the crap out of me when it turned around. It was the nose, and the eyes. The eyes were almost a black/brown. The nose was black and spread across and had wrinkles like corrugated lines. The lips were normal, but the eyes were too dark and the top of the forehead stuck out more. The face was black. If you go onto a website and look up Homo-Erectus or Homohabilis, it was like an earlier man. It had long and very dark brown or black hair like it had never been brushed, it was un-kept and wavy. It looked like a human that hadn’t evolved. It was like between human and ape I guess.


When it looked at me, the expression on its face was anger. It looked angry at me that I had actually seen it. I froze. It stood there for a moment, and then it ran off. But it was really angry that I had seen it.


Later as we are coming up the driveway, my son said ‘Mum, it just popped its head up! And when myself and my partner were outside at night, he said ‘Did you see that?’ – He saw it. My son’s description and my partner’s description all matched mine.


It was about 5ft tall. It was fairly stocky and muscular. Its arms were hairy and its legs were hairy and a dark brown almost black, but its chest wasn’t full of hair. I would say it weighed about 100-110kgs. The arms were long. Went it was going off, the arms had an ape-like motion and a strange stride about it, like long and quick strides. The arms were flailing down to its side and looked awkward like they were too long for the body.


Before I left I had also heard of Big Black Cat sightings in the area. 


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