Location: Wandering, Western Australia

Event: Strange Yowie Encounter

Date: August 27, 2012




Hi Dean,


I recently purchased a property in Wandering WA. 

Yesterday a friend and I were driving; We were about 2km's out of town. 

Up ahead I saw something crossing the road. I was travelling at 100kph when I saw it.

I slowed to 80kph then I guess it took about 20 seconds to get to where it was.  

It was still light just before the sun was going down. At first I thought it was a cow because it looked very robust but when we got closer it was clearly not. 

It was about human height but when I asked my mates opinion, he said from 6-9ft. I also could not tell if it was on all fours or standing as its front limbs were rather long.  

My mate saw it when it was standing so maybe that's why he said it was taller.  I saw it hunched over. 

It was completely black; but what I saw conflicts with some of the Yowies appearance as it appeared to have long hair over its face.  It was certainly build like a tank and thick set.  


I used to be into bodybuilding and have seen some big guys 130kgs+ but this thing was certainly bigger than that.  Its shoulders kind of merged with its head; but its head looked reasonably long.

It moved like swaying, through its shoulders.  I can’t explain it well with words.  

The weirdest thing was how it just disappeared into thin air.  My mate even said 'it was like it disappeared before it even hit the tree line'.  I can understand this sounds strange, but it’s true as I thought the same thing.  

The the crazy thing was there was nothing to hide in. There was only one line of trees both side of the road then open paddock. 



When I got home I immediately told my parents and goggled it. My only explanation is the Yowie. Have you have any reports around Southeast of Perth? Next time ill try to get some photos; its rather exciting; I’d love to have more info regarding these.










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