Location: Exmouth, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March 1993

Time: 1.30am



A friend and I had a long, face to face encounter with a Yowie in Exmouth Western Australia back in 1993....


Before this encounter I was a true skeptic and total non-believer. It was in March of that year and was a hot summer night. I had an American girlfriend staying over for a night of videos.


At approximately 1am another American friend, stationed at the US Harold E Holt base there, called and begged us to pick him up as he was about to finish his shift at 1.30am. We agreed and jumped in the car for the 6-7km drive, through bush land, out to the base.


We had the windows down and were chatting away when in the distance of the high beam, and in a small floodway, I could see something walking across the road. My friend also noticed it and said "What the f#*k is that". I couldn't respond as I was trying to get my head around what it may be. As we got closer and closer the creature stopped smack in the middle of the road and looked sideways, turning its whole upper torso, at us...

At this stage the only thing I could think was that it was some sort of an animal as its eyes glowed a yellow/light amber colour in the lights. As we approached I slowed right down and eventually come to a full stop about 50 foot from the creature. It was still looking at us sideways and hadn't moved a step. Both my friend and I were screaming. We quickly wound up the windows and locked the doors. All we could both do was repeat over and over "What the hell is it".


Then it suddenly turned and faced us. We were both panicked by this stage and crying. My friend was screaming at me to hit it, run it over, kill the f*cking thing.... But I couldn't I was frozen. I feared if we hit it and it didn't die it may turn on us.


things ran through my mind. But I was struggling to get my head around what I was staring at. And what was staring at me..... I can't say how long this staring match went on. But I was shocked into silence where my friend was totally hysterical. After what seemed like ages it turned, back the way it had come from, and slowly walked back towards the bush. It stopped several times to stare at us again. As soon as I felt safe enough I put my foot on the accelerator and we got the hell out of there.


The last thing I saw was the creature disappearing into the bush.


By the time we got to the base we were both crying, shaking and in deep shock. We mumbled and cried through telling our other friend what we had just seen. There began our hell.... As with nearly everyone we tried to tell, we were laughed at, questioned what drugs or alcohol we were on, and told it was probably just a man in a suit, etc, etc.....


It got to the point were either of us spoke about it to anyone. My friend still won't and says she just wants to forget it. But I can't....


I know what I saw that night and it was no man in a suit. It was approximately 6-7 foot tall, hunched over, long arms (Past its knees), no neck and was covered in a long silky grey/silver coat of fur. It had a human like face.


Was HUGELY broad. Had very defined muscles. Big feet. But it was its eyes that got me with the glowing.....


It had an expression on its face of being slightly angry or perturbed that we disrupted it. For some reason, I don't know why, but I feel it was definitely a male. It also looked to be old. Like an old man. I run that night through my head over and over, hundreds and hundreds of times. Still struggle to understand what we saw....


I have started to want to look more into this creature. Like I need to prove to myself, and others, that it's real. Hence I came across you guys.


I have done a LOT of research on the creature over the last few years.... Even spoken to the local Aboriginal elders.... They say that Hairy Man is keeper of the lands.... That he has coexisted with the Aboriginal people since time began. I was told that there is certain areas you NEVER go into as its Hairy Mans land.


Anyway that's my basic story and it's good to be able to tell it without ridicule



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