Location: Greenbushes, Western Australia

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2008

Time: 1.30am




{Report compiled by two Witness accounts}


We had been at the Boyup Brook Rodeo and were heading back to Greenbushes on the Greenbushes-Boyup Brook Road at around 1.30am. We had been pulled up by the Police for a Licence check.


Shortly after, we were driving at 80kmph when a creature came from the bush on the left side of the road. It seemed to be injured, as its back legs were lifeless and it was pulling itself along at speed with its arms. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.


There was this massive big creature. It was really hairy and had red eyes. It was dragging its legs up to its chest. It was a really strange gait. I said to my husband ‘What the?’ It was coming straight for the car and the next thing we knew, there was this big bang. It went right over the roof of the car and to the other side. Then it looked upright.


It was going along with its hands first, and then dragging up its feet. It looked like it had been injured or shot. It stood up to about 8ft tall. It came out and over the car, and then upright. And it was massive. It was a Human form, but really huge across the chest. It had long shaggy hair. It was sort of an ape-like creature. The face resembled a cross between and Human and an ape. The eyes were round, quite large and red. I don’t know if the glow from the eyes were from the headlights, but they seemed to be self-illuminating. It had large canine teeth on the upper jaw. It had a large head with long hair, but the hair on the face wasn’t as long. The skin on the face was dark brown to black. The rest of the body had long shaggy hair that was a dark brown to black colour, about 3” long. It had very long arms. It was muscular and had thick legs.


It looked pissed off. It also looked like it was in a lot of pain.


It looked like it was running from something, and wounded or injured. Maybe a car had hit it. When it was on all fours, it took up half the road. It came out of the bush at speed.


There was a loud bang when it went onto the roof. I thought the roof was going to cave in. When it landed, it ran and turned around to look at us and kept running and went over an embankment on the other side. At one stage I thought we were looking at a werewolf. You had to be there.


Later, I was telling a girlfriend of mine and she had seen exactly the same thing at Donnybrook at the Brookhampton Road turnoff in 2007. She said it was covered in hair, about 9ft tall. She was in her car at the time. She described exactly the same thing.





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