Location: Broken Hill (Silver City Hwy), New South Wales


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: April, 2010










15 km north of Broken Hill, NSW


Anton lives in Adelaide and own three businesses, including a parcel delivery company, Barrier Express. Twice a week he drives one of the Barrier Express trucks up to Broken Hill and back. When he’s at the Broken Hill end he stays with his mate Martin Marinovich who has a few acres near Stephens Creek, about 20 km north of Broken Hill on the Silver City Highway (which continues north towards Tibooburra).


At about 4 am on 1 April another mate (I didn’t get his name) was driving Anton towards Martin’s place in a 4WD that is equipped with “massive” lights because of the danger of colliding with ‘roos.


As they reached a creek crossing (which – if I understood correctly – also involved going over a cattle grid) the driver slowed right down to about 60 kph. He was watching for ‘roos on the right as Anton, in the passenger seat was looking left.


Anton then noticed a big hairy form right next to the track: “At first I thought it was a bear.” It was looking down, but soon raised its head, and he saw that it was more like an ape-man. As the vehicle passed within four feet of the creature, Anton got a pretty good look at it. “It looked angry – it looked straight at me.”


It was at least a foot taller than his mate Martin, who is 6ft 4ins, and was covered with long, stringy, dark grey hair, except for its face.


The skin of its face was “a dusty-grey colour”. Interestingly, because the skin of its face was “weathered, wrinkled”, Anton even ventured a guess as to its age: “It looked about 45 to 50 years old.” The eyes were “like a reflective reddy colour – quite large – a bit bigger than a human’s”

It had “massive hands”, with long hair covering them. There was “long hair growing over its feet – like hair grows over the feet of some dogs” In shape, he thought the feet “looked like a human foot”.


“I’ve been driving that road for 20 years”, he said, “and have never seen anything like it.”


The driver didn’t see anything, but because of Anton’s excited reaction, also became quite freaked. He didn’t want to turn around, so they continued on to Martin’ property – 5 km ahead.




When Anton and his mate arrived at his place they “were both extremely shaken, and it took a lot to calm them.”


Martin immediately got Anton to call the Broken Hill police, then grabbed a shotgun and a rifle and, with Anton and the other bloke, returned to the location of the sighting.


A policeman met them at the site – but the creature had apparently long gone, and they couldn’t see any tracks or other traces. There have been recent floods, the grass was all flattened by the water.





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