Location: Buladelah, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 2003







Dear Dean,


I looked up "yowies" on the Internet because my brother insists he has seen one. My brother lives at Tarbuck Bay (near Smiths Lake) not far from Bulahdelah, New South Wales. He has been renting a house for a few months in Windsor Street.


The backyard extends to the edge of a steep and densely overgrown rainforest area. I have seen wild brush turkeys wander into the backyard from the forest area. One night my brother heard a noise and saw the shape of a huge man-like thing near some mandarin trees near the back shed. He said he put on the back light but did not have a torch and could only see the shape of it quickly jump over the back fence (which is just a low one metre high wire fence).


He said that he reported it to the Police and they just said there had been other reports?..but they may have said this to humour him and imagined him to be under the influence. He did not want me to tell anyone else so I can't tell you his name, but at least you have an area worth future investigation if you are up this way.


Since this recent "sighting" I mentioned "Yowies" at work (not mentioning my brother), and a teacher took me aside later and said "Please don't tell anyone but I have really seen a yowie when I was 4 wheel driving through an area of Middle Brother Mountain (Mid-North Coast). She said it was an area of dense bush and this creature was standing on the edge of the road in the distance looking at her approach in the vehicle.


She slowed down enough to see it stood about 10 feet , had incredibly long arms down near its knees and moved incredibly quickly into the bush. She said it seemed gorilla like but more upright. I am the first one (apart from her husband) she has told.


I must keep names confidential but I thought if you know of approximate locations you may be able to develop a general area for searches. I've never seen any but I believe others have seen something.


There is a sign at Krambach (not far from Gloucester) which says "Yowie Country" because there have been sightings there. It seems the remote mountainous scrub and rainforest offers shelter/protection/food for these creatures.


It would be an interesting pastime hunting for evidence of yowies.


Good luck in your search.

[Name withheld]














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