Location: Bulahdelah, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 2005

Time: 10.30pm




Hi Dean,


In 2005, myself and our family (Mother, Dad and Brothers), were camping for about 3 weeks at Bulahdelah, in the State Forest. I was about 21 years old back then. Mum and Dad were staying in the caravan park and we were staying up in the bush.


At night you could hear the odd strange noise, but didn’t think anything of it. For about a week we had some good solid rain, after that I was taking my dog for a walk near Cabbage Tree Road and I found a footprint that was about twice the size of mine with four claws and a toe. I knew of Yowies and all that, but put it down to a kangaroo. I later showed my Dad and he also said it may have been a kangaroo. It was in some pretty dense bush land.


It was 10.30 at night when myself and my brother got a fire going. We were having a chat and had the radio on listening to the Friday night tunes. In the song break of a couple of seconds, I thought I could hear a noise. I turned it down and listened, but couldn’t hear anything so I turned it back up.


Then everything suddenly went really quiet. It all went very still and all my hairs stood up. Then a branch in a tree behind me started moving.


In the bushes I could see this figure behind me. It was probably 7-1/2 to 8ft tall standing there staring at me. I could see the hair, but couldn’t tell the colour. I could see the eyes were a reddish – deep purple colour. We wanted to get out of there. We got into my Subaru and started up it, put the headlight high beams on and there was another one ahead of us but moving up the track, so I just took off out of there back down to the caravan park, and I told both Mum and Dan what had happened.


The next morning we all went back there at 10am with a couple of locals. I had cyclone proof pegs with steel springs and a cyclone proof tent and I could not budge these. You have to be pretty strong. The whole tent was flattened, the springs were all ripped inside out, all the poles were bent and twisted and the gas bottle was laying halfway down the track.


I got my stuff and that was it, I never went back to that camp spot.


About 3 years later, my girlfriend and her mother saw one in the Watagans.







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