Location: Bundanoon, New South Wales

Event: Giant Footprint Find

Date: 1984




Hello Dean,


I am 34 years old and live in Western Australia at present. The photo was taken in 1983-84 (to the best of my knowledge) by myself on a practika camera.

The prints were found on our sand quarry at the rear of our property in the southern highlands of NSW adjoining the Long Swamp region. I AM a sceptic and have always thought someone was pulling my leg.

They were in fact found by my father one morning after a heavy rainfall the previous afternoon. He swears the prints were as he found them. My brother is the boy in the photo he was aged around 9 and would have been no more than 5 feet tall. I was only a teenager at the time so details were not particularly important to me and I was loathed to mention it to locals for fear of ridicule and media hype.

I do recall however noting the depth of the footprints in the sand compared to my fathers and my own imprints. The prints extended right across the quarry, from memory about 20 metres
so there were no shortage of prints as you can imagine.


I would be delighted to hear from other people in the know about their opinions.



The location was between Penrose State Forest near the Bungonia ? escarpment in Bundanoon and Canyonliegh near the Wollondilly river. It is a very lightly populated area ranging from rural to heavily timbered to gorge and mountain areas. Nearest towns to the site would be Bundanoon- Exeter- Berrima- Mittagong- Marulan.


Just as a note , we actually gave up sheep grazing on that property due to the high number of sheep kills over the years. We put it down to wild dog kills and I still believe it was but can you tell me whether there has been any live stock kills from reported ???? Dare I say it Yowies.

Tell me have you ever had similar three toed footprints shown to you before, like I said i am a sceptic and if you have never seen any like these then I would probably discredit the find myself. Further, no one but a few of my immediate family have ever seen these photos or heard about the prints.


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