Location: Forestry 1 hour from Canberra

Event: Yowie Sighting 

Date: 1983

Terrain: bushland




You may have read my posts and thought that i'm a skeptic, well a long time ago I thought I saw something that you guys call a Yowie.


When I was aged 3-5 (i'm now aged 22) I used to live in Canberra and because it was cold in winter we used to go chopping for wood. Well, one day about 1983 my whole family (mum, dad and I), and 2 others went chopping for wood in a forest about an hours drive from Canberra (we went chopping at that same site every month or so). I remember on this occasion while the rest of the party was chopping and collecting wood (mum was watching them).

I went to have a rest (got bored easy then), in the car (car was about 30 feet from the tree line and a fair way about 50 metres), from the rest of them (Don't quote me on distance because I'm hopeless at it). After getting bored after 5 minutes, I opened the rear passenger side door facing the forest while I was laying down on the seat. I gazed into the forest to see a creature about 20 feet in from the edge of the clearing. Well this thing saw me (took about 2 or 3 seconds to look at me after I opened the door. It had been gazing at my parents and friends as they were cutting sick with chainsaws and axe's) and stood and stared at me.

I didn't feel threatened or scared. I'd describe the creature as about 5ft tall, heavy set, dark chocolate coloured hair, magpie coloured eyes (maroon - blood coloured), face was sort of like a gorilla's (I nicknamed it "Gorilla-man" and "Monkey-man" after I saw it). It was very ape-like yet had more of the form of a human. I didn't believe what I saw.


I used to like Apes (still do) when I was younger (I used to have a monkey as a teddy bear (I called it monkey). I knew my parents had a camera in the front seat so I got up and reached over (it was an XB Falcon) and got the camera. I took 3 or 4 pics out of the opened car door, in the direction of the thing (I didn't look I just clicked and pointed. but after taking the pics I realised he was gone). I haven't really checked the pictures but I remember that they didn't have "it" in them. All it was was a picture of half a car door and forest


I've never told this story before to anyone and even now i'm confused and still don't believe I saw it.


From A. Kerley







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