Location: Casino (area), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1974

Time: Late           



Hello Dean, nice to speak with you, have been catching up on your videos. I have sent another email and I came across yowiehunters Website as something else on the net sparked my interest again and I was not even aware others had a page like yours up and dealing with this subject especially in Australia.



The amount of sightings and consistency in witness accounts speaks for themselves.



I was travelling with my family, and we would have been somewhere on the NSW border around Casino from memory, it’s hard as I was young and we have not spoken of it since.



Dad saw something to the left of us in an open paddock that led off to scrub. He stated ‘what's that man doing down there’, It was quiet late at night and he had seen something in the lights.



On pulling up I was seated at the left hand side of the car so I could clearly see out of the window. From about 15-20 metres away slowly approaching towards us was I would say above 6ft black, large figure as described by other witnesses. It was no man. It stopped and was just appearing to be staring at the car.


I remember mom and dad starting to become agitated and spooked and dad yelled lets get out of here. As we drove off I looked around to see what this creature was doing and I saw him running as described taking long steps with bent legs and it reminded me of how a gorilla may look.



My dad was a solid 6ft guy and well-built being a fireman on the railways, a little while before diesels where coming out. I remember this because I had never seen my dad as scared before.



At the next town we even went to the police station to report it, and even though we have not spoken of the incident since or encouraged not too, I have always had this image and event in my memory and through the years have read about these sightings and it still sometimes gives you that chill when you think about it.

It’s only something I've shared with properly one or two others.





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