Location: Cudgen, New South Wales

Event: Footprints

Date: Jan, 2011

Time: 10am



Email 1 - G'day Dean, have some info for you regarding possible tree damage in the Cudgen Creek area of Northern N.S.W. 

I regularly go to the Cudgen Wildlife Reserve to photograph everything from dragonflies to wallabies and have recently come by two trees, the first being at a height of at least twenty feet with big branches snapped at either end at a height of around eight feet {I gauge this by standing next to tree as I'm six ft six}, this is a healthy tree but the branches broken are old.

They don't appear to have been snapped by lightning strike as there are no burn or scorch marks. The second tree, well, it had a smaller branch snapped off and placed upside down right next to where the break had been made. This branch was not old, but still green when it came off as it still had She Oak seeds attached to it. Strangely enough though, this smaller branch has been entwined with others so it stands straight up.

The break is at a height of 8ft also. I have taken photos of these trees so please let me know if you would like to see them and I'll send you another email. 




Email 2 - Thanks for the quick response Dean, nearly fell out of my chair when I read your email.

I didn't want to go into it in the email this morning, but man I've had some real weird things go on when I'm down there. Take this one day in particular. I just got back to the jeep to pack the camera away as the battery had died {typical} and was about to leave when I had a really strange feeling like my skin starting to crawl on my scalp.

As I looked up and around to see what was about, I saw this, what looked like a face albeit part of a face in amongst sheoak branches.

I looked away not wanting to really register what I thought I had seen, but when I looked back a couple of moments later, it was still there. All I could see was what appeared to be the right hand side of the face partially obscured by branches. At this point I started to poke fun at myself thinking that the ol' mind was playing tricks with the afternoon light, put it down to that and went home.

Now for the kicker.

Four days later I went back, parked the jeep in the same place, just about to head off when I recalled the afternoon four days previous. So I had a look through to the spot where I saw the partial face and there was nothing but space looking through to more bush.

Those trees with the branches broken and where this happened are all very close to one another. Feels better than winning the lottery, and am going down to get proper shots of those trees.

Will have them at your email address by 12:00pm your time.                                                                       







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