Location: Glenorie, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June, 2003




In mid 2003 my partner and his two friends were camping on an old property which was previously a chicken slaughter house/caged egg producer in Glenorie. My partner, *** (the boy whose mum owns the property) and *** (their other school friend) had set up their camp ground in a cave on the property which backs onto thousands of acres of National Park. They were literally 4 kms away from the house and shed.

They had been camping for 2 days and had just finished hiking to the other side of the Gully which had taken them at least an hour to scale one side as fit 16 year old mountain bikers.

Then they noticed something big walking around the bottom of the gully and as one of them shouted quite a loud profanity "it" took off up the gully in about 5 bounds. Now none of us had even heard of the yowie at the time he told me and he described this " A furry grayish brown animal which stood cross between a man and an ape.

When it ran up the gully in ran like a dog using all fours it was at least 9 feet tall " After hearing this I thought of big foot and laughed but when I did that Xavier was quite upset that i didn't believe him. So I decided to see if there was an aussie big-foot... alas I found the yowie, not quite like my favorite chocolate character Squish, I soon realized this is what they saw. The boys have all told me this story separately and together, the story never changes.

*** mother has also seen it while she was riding her horse. one thing I'd like to know is if there have been many sightings in that area, Also Sam has said that when he has walked through the bush he has felt like someone was following him and has had rocks thrown at him out of nowhere. From what I have read it sounds like a yowie. People should have open minds about this sort of stuff, is it going to take someone getting killed before people believe?

I don't agree with hurting or killing the creature but I think they are going to get more aggressive as they lose more and more of their habitat. I wish they weren't such sneaky buggers so they can protect them and us. 

I heard about your recent yowie encounter and keep thinking how close Sam could have been to being in that situation.. he must have been in its territory






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