Location: Glenreagh, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 1985

Time: 4pm

[Female Witness aged 12 years old at the time]




I grew up in Glenreagh, and this is something I’ll never forget.


We used to have big pine trees in our backyard and my sisters and I would often make cubby houses and big birds’ nests out of the pine needles. In the distance on a few occasions, we had seen something that looked like a dark figure, hunching or crouching down in the paddock.


On this particular occasion, after my sisters went inside, I was playing by myself and it was about 4pm and nearly time for me to go inside and I saw movement across the paddock and then something crouch down.


He was crouching down and I could see him clearly. He was looking at me and I was looking at him and he stayed like that for about 30 seconds, then he stood up and we were still looking at each other. I didn’t feel frightened or anything, I was more curious.


He looked like what I can only describe as a huge Gorilla, but different because he was a bit leaner and taller.


It was a large paddock and at the end of the paddock, was all bushland. He was out in the open where I saw him.


There were a couple of occasions when we saw him. I don’t know whether he was curious about what we were doing with the pine needles, but it was usually when we were playing with the pine needles. We would see what looked like a large dark figure crouching down at the end of the paddock and my sister used to call it Bigfoot.


I’ve done a lot of my own research, as an adult, and spoken to a lot of indigenous people, and now I call them Hairymen.


We never told our parents at the time. They would have laughed it off and they were quite strict, so we never told them about it.  


We saw it 3 or 4 times before I saw it by myself. When he was crouching, he looked a bit like a big dark stump, but we knew the land well and knew there was no stump there. When I saw it by myself, it was very very clear, it was no stump. It seemed interested in what I was doing. I don’t know whether it was what I was doing with the pine needles or that I was a child, I have no idea. When I’ve spoken to indigenous people, some of them told me that they are quite interested in children.


When it was crouched down, it still about my height. There was no denying that we had seen each other and when it stood up, it was huge. My Dad is 6’2” and it was a lot bigger than my Dad. I would say probably about 7ft tall. It wasn’t fat, it was somewhat lean, which made it stand apart from a Gorilla. It wasn’t skinny, but it wasn’t fat my any measure. It had broad shoulders and the hair on top of its head was a lot bushier than the rest of the body. It was a dark brown to black coloured hair. The hair on top of its head looked different. Longer arms, which were very Gorilla like, large hands and hair over its face.


It was calm, so I wouldn’t say it was frightening in any way. I was really curious. I would call it a gentle giant. He looked passive and he looked very curious about what I was doing. He was there for about a minute, which is a long time and he was very clear. I knew what I was looking at back in the time, and it was what I referred to as Bigfoot. There was no doubt in my mind that it was a Bigfoot, but my encounter wasn’t scary by any means. There was no aggression, it was just curiosity.


At the time, I had made a big birds nest out of the pine needles and was just sitting in it playing.


It had more of a human face, but lots of hair and broader. Broad shoulders. When he was walking off, he walked like a human but a bit erratic and fast back into the bush. I stood and watched the bushes for a little bit longer hoping he would come back out, but he didn’t.


As an adult, I’ve heard stories from indigenous people and some of the neighbours I’ve kept contact with via Facebook have said they have seen something similar. I saw what I saw, I know that, and as an adult with the internet and so on, its lead me on my own search.





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