Location: Glenfield, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1993

Time: Night

[Female Witness]





I had just finished the last year of School and was about 17 at the time.


There was a group of about 6 of us and we used to go out at night into the bush and have a fire and muck around on weekends. We would head down from Belmont road to the Georges River. I was only new to the group. We were all sitting around the fire one night, laughing and telling jokes.


We heard a noise and one of the guys looked up and said Ktulu is coming. Apparently they have seen it before. We heard heavy movement coming through the bush. The bush is very dense there and we heard things crashing around. Everyone in the group stood up and said we have to go now, so we all walked away, but I wanted to run and they said ‘No, No, No, don’t run, just walk and don’t look back’. At one point I did look back and I saw the silhouette of this really big thing sitting beside the fire and reaching its arms out to get warmth.


There is no way a human could have moved through that dense bush at the speed it was moving. As soon as we heard it, everything in the bush went silent.


It was hunched over with its arm stretched out to the fire. It was big. It had big broad stocky shoulders, big beefy head and not much of a neck. Its head just went down into its shoulders. It was well built, bigger than any person I have seen. I estimate it to have been 7 to 8ft tall.


As we were walking out, we had to walk through a horse paddock with about 8 horses, and they all formed a circle around us and followed us out which was odd because they had never done that before.


Ktulu was a name they made up for it. They were really into Metallica at the time and there was a song called Call of Ktulu, so that’s where they got the name from.


We used to talk about it a lot because they others had seen it on numerous occasions. One of the guys said he was sitting on the side of the river one night and heard it coming, and he had to stay where he was because he was in quite dense bush down on the river back and behind him he saw some eyes in the darkness.








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