Location: Glossodia, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Oct, 2002




I was standing outside having a cigarette at around 11:30pm when I heard a crashing sound in the bush to my left. I froze and waited, thinking that it was probably a possum, when it started again. Then a large animal/beast emerged from the bush into the clearing where I was standing.


It was hunched over looking at the ground and was over 6feet tall hunched over. It was hairy and when it saw me it ran across the clearing at an amazing speed away from me towards another patch of dense bush. I did not see where it went for I ran back to the house when it started to run.


The next night I went out there again and I could hear the crashing in the bush again and could see something moving. This time I did not hang around to see it I went straight back inside. The third night I could see it moving through the bushland I shined a torch on it but it could not get a good look for it was behind a tree, I only saw a black shape behind the tree. Again I did not hang around I went back inside. When this happened the dogs were going crazy, barking and growling.

Was this a yowie that I saw? What can I do about it?



On the 16th of October,

Its Claire again. Thought that I'd let you know that the yowie or whatever it is was around again last night. it was in the back paddock of my property.


I saw it walking between the trees. I had a camera with me but it was too far away for me to photograph. then my father came outside with the dogs and I didn't see it again. although I could still here it walking away from me.


I didn't run when I saw it this time I moved slowly, very slowly, towards where it was but dad buggered it up by coming outside.



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