Location: Goodradigbee River, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March, 2002

Witness: Haydn jenkins




As I am a fly fisher, I am often hiking into remote streams to get away from other people and enjoy the solitude. It was late afternoon when I reached my camping spot on the upper Goodradigbee we call "the Garden Of Eden" high above the home stead of "Kooabri" in the Brinabellas.

As I set up my camp I heard crashing to my left, I wasn’t startled, as often you hear Brumbies or Fallow deer moving through at that time of day, I did note though that it must of been a large animal as it was making quite a noise.


As I sat down to eat dinner I looked over to the tree line and totally sh*t myself as I saw what at first was a very hairy biker starring back at me. I froze thinking where the hell my knife was. I had heard of pot being grown around these valleys next to streams for the easy water and lack of traffic, we had even stumbled across a few small crops over time but that was a lot closer to Canberra.

As my eyes adjusted I could see it was not a biker but something way more freakier. It had gingery/dark brown hair it hair on its head long and sort of parted in the middle, massive forehead, big dark eyes that I will never forget, its face looked human but there was something not right, it nose or something was out of proportion, it just crouched there looking.

I finally got my nerve back and screamed a half man half hysterical noise at it. It got up on its stocky muscular legs, it had real long arms, massive shoulders, it looked like no arse when it turned.

It had a small branch in its hands and it walked off into the now dark bush.

Well, all night there was weird scream/bellowing calls through the night one in the valley and one coming from across the valley high up on the ridge. Well I didn’t sleep a wink went through 2 sets of battery’s for my head lamp; I really thought they were coming to get me.

In the morning I got up first light, packed up and left, as i walked past were it had been I saw from a distance that it had ripped out a large bush of blackberries, so I  realised it was larger than I thought about 8/9ft. it was the quickest hike out ever!






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