Location: Goonoo Forest (Dubbo), New South Wales


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: 1998


Witness: Dion






We were driving up from Melbourne to Byron Bay for a family holiday, I forget what year maybe 98-99. We had just passed through Dubbo and were heading to Coonabarabran for an overnighter before continuing to Byron Bay the next day. It was getting quite late in the day so we decided to take a short cut that would have cut the time dramatically along Mendooran Road and through Goonoo state forest. Now called Goonoo Conservation Area I believe.

As I wasnt driving I decided to look for roos or wildlife out the back drivers seat window looking to my right. I thought it was the best opportunity to do so as it was on dusk, when most animals are on the move.

It was only after a few minutes that I got a strange sensation that something was out there in the bush on a number of occasions, a presence, one of these sensations was really odd however as I got the impression that whatever was out there was really big like over 12ft in height, and it was almost a feeling of don't come close I am big, It was like an energy that could be felt, very odd if you have never experienced it.

Anyway I thought all this was rather strange so it got my attention and it was on another occasion a few minutes later down this course of Rd that I saw one or what would be called/described as a Yowie.

It was about 30-40 metres away and would estimate 5 feet high and it was walking away from the Rd. Because of its height I remember thinking whats a kid doing out here on dusk walking around the bush? but really I knew it wasnt. Never saw a face, very wide shoulders little to no neck, long arms and a matted orangey-red hair which would have been about 10-20 cm in length. I would describe it as being a little hunched over in the way it walked as well, there's no way it could have been some kid, bit like the mind trying to comprehend what I am seeing if you know what I mean.

Funnily enough I forgot about the sighting/experience for a number of years, god knows why you would think an experience like that would be etched in your memory.


It was only accidentally visiting this Website/Forum years later that my memory came flooding back and I remembered the experience.

Also, same holiday I was at the top of the Mount Warning and heard branches being broken and birds going off down below. No way a person could have been doing it as it wasn't around the main path area, It didnt register that that could have been Yowie until years later.

They are out there."











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