Location: Jamison Valley, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2000, Autumn/Spring

50 minute Interview. Paraphrased Transcript.




Peter was an explosives expert performing guerrilla warfare training with the 4th battalion SAS. The group came in contact with a Yowie during exercises and were sworn to secrecy by the Military Hierarchy and ordered not to mention the event to other Soldiers.


“We were sent in at night, it was raining. We had ghillie suits, not like the new stuff, it was the green and brown cammo strips and to get the shine off them, you rolled in mud and get into awful smelling crap, and the idea was you become one with the ground.


You didn't have aftershave or deodorant, you had to smell of bush and that’s what we did.


We got dropped off down by a river down along the bottom. We were given mud maps, just a general outline to the next meeting point. They would leave a bag on a tree and that was our next target. And there were, like, some resistance fighters who would leave us clues to our next target, you know. We had enough food, and we’d live off the land. There were 3 to a group and we were aware of groups of other commando’s out there trying to capture us, and then we’d become prisoners of war and tortured and all that crap.


We decided not to go the way the mud map told us to go because they would know. We decided to go a little bit further out of our way to get to our point. It was a higher road we had to go to, so we thought we’d go along the river a bit and cross country up through the gully, through Chinaman’s Gully.


It was right off the chart. Nobody goes in there. There’s no bush tracks or anything. We went in there stealthy. We did a thousand metres in 2 hours. We did it with the sides of your foot going to ground and you’d roll your foot in so it makes no noise, so you go slow-slow….

Two other guys with me had SLR’s and we took a 60. I’m 6’4” and a half and was built like a brick dunny, so I was the Gunner.


So what happened was, we’d come through the Ruined Castle down the creek to the bottom, and the smell was like something was dead. It WOOFED! We could not believe this smell.


One of the guys with us was a half cast. He looked horrified. We thought it was cow or a horse that had died.


We came to a sandstone escarpment in an easterly direction and there was a 100 metre clearing, or downed timber. We were going through the open area. We’d surveyed the area and couldn’t see anything. Half way across, I propped, and the other two blokes propped behind me, and I just saw a head pop up behind a downed gum tree and it was about 15 – 20m away. I saw the head and it was all matted and that, and I though oh that’s another Ghille suit, right, and we’ve walked into an ambush. They’ve got the higher ground and we had the lower ground and we were stuffed in the open with nowhere to go.


And then a mate of came up behind me and he was shaking. I said ‘What’s wrong’? He says ‘That’s not one of us’. I said ‘What do you mean not one of us’? He says ‘It big’. So we watched it and it just grew out of the ground. I mean, it must have been lying there just watching us and the damn thing just got up.


It was like two blokes on each others shoulders. It kept getting higher and higher, it was massive. Massive arms, thick legs, head. We called him Cro-Magnon, you know, he had this big slopping forehead, the eyes were offset into the skull, it had a brownish blackish face. It had…….. you wouldn’t call it hair…… and you wouldn’t call it fur….. umm, it was about 2 – 3” long.


It just looked at us.


We had our weapons, but I lowered mine and took the ammunition out. It was only blanks anyway. The other blokes saw me do this and they took their amo out and um..… we came non aggressive, you know what I mean….


It was just looking at us. The stance of it was aggressive first off, and when we did the less aggressive stance, it started to relax a little bit.


We decided to walk off into the bush. Well, it stayed parallel to us. We wanted to get out along the escarpment and turned our radio on and got a squelch. As soon as we did that, we got three rocks thrown at us, so we turned the back off, and then there was nothing, so we thought ok, that’s fine.


About an hour or hour and a half after that it was getting dark and we could hear it again. We decided to set down for the night and have some dinner. We could hear it. We put out night vision goggles on so we could walk out and we got about 50m and the damn thing just popped out from behind a tree. All three of us saw it.


This ended up going on for days. It kind of got used to us. Was sort of like a big kid playing peek’a’boo with us, snapping trees, thumping the chest. Not aggressive, just playful. Then we’d hide behind trees and ended up laughing at it by this stage.


We thought we could have been its next meal from the size of it. It could have just come out and ate us if it wanted to. It was massive.


Every time we’d turn the radio on, the frequency seemed to make it a bit aggressive. It threw stuff at us. It just didn’t like the high frequency it was on.


When we left the area, it broke a tree limb that we’d use a chainsaw on. Snapped it and threw it. And when one of us urinated on a gum tree, it just bellowed its guts out at us.


We were 4 days late to getting back to where we were supposed to be. When we got back there, we got chewed out by the RSN and the Lieutenant that was waiting for us.


When we told them what happened, we were told to get in the Rover. The Major came over and made us swear we saw nothing, we heard nothing and not to talk about it.

Later, I was talking to a couple of other blokes a little bit higher up than what we were, and we found out from other fellas in that Unit, that they’d all had similar things happen in this area, in the Jamison Valley. They’d worked in there for nearly 10 years, and then stopped it. Nobody was allowed to do exercises in there anymore.


Cunungra Training area, up in Queensland is even more bizarre. They’ve seen them rummaging through the backs of Rovers, trucks, you know, and everything. There was a 14 x 11 tent, a twenty man tent, and one Junior Officer walked in and there was one there going through the packs. That Officer defecated himself, ran and left his weapon.


Back to the Jamison Valley Yowie, I’m 6’4” and a half. If I put a bayonet on top of the SLR and held it in the air, it would have touched its chin. So he could as an estimate, be as tall as 11ft high…..


It had hair on the backs of its hands, and its hands were rubbery, like combat gloves. The skin on the hands was darkish grey. The feet had hair on the top, but no hair on the bottom.


Our feet, when we step on a log, our foot doesn't bend. IT’S FOOT moulded around it. Its heal was on the ground one side and its toes on the ground on the other. It curled over, like it was grabbing onto it as it walked over it. We saw it.


And it rarely left tracks. It always stood on logs and rocks as it walked so it didn't leave prints.

You couldn’t fight this thing off. It was massive”.



Further notes: [Penis had hair all the way down the shaft, seemed to have facial expressions (in the eyes) when it played hide and seek as though it was enjoying the games, possible offering of food at times and same in return, 5 day encounter over all – main action on the 1st and 4th day, no real sign of aggression, primal type flat nose, nose moved when it smelled the air, black lips, wrinkled face, leathery hands, thick nails claw like, separate six toed print found – rear toe like primate, guttural noise starting low rising to high pitch at times, shook its head when one man threw up, not considered to be an animal, child like personality at times, pupils were like a diamond shape (also heard that from a Report near Ballina some years ago), dark eyes during day and reddish glow at night, clank rocks together, more than one there at times, further references regarding missing people and Military Ops etc…]


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