Location: Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: December, 2003

Time: Between 1pm and 2am



There is a large area of bush land, scrub and swampland behind the racecourse on the south east outskirts of Port Macquarie. It’s quite flat dense bushland with walking tracks and a few open parks in the area. I have a friend with a house that backs onto this location.


We believe to have seen a Yowie or something similar, about 7-8ft tall with brown shaggy hair/fur about 2” long. It stood upright and ran surprisingly fast. It had broad shoulders and red eyes. (I had emailed you earlier about this).


It produced an eerie vocal noise. It growled first, and then proceeded with a loud roar type of sound.


We were walking home at the time and heard something behind us. We’ve turned to see the 2 red eyes, so we ran. When we reached a streetlight, we stopped to catch our breath and it came to the edge of the bush. We saw it clearly.

We had seen it on a second occasion. Although it was not fully visible, it was standing in the bush and we saw the red eyes for about 15 seconds before a car came passed and it went away.






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