Location: Taree, New South Wales

Event: Alleged Hand Found

Date: 1998

Terrain: Hills and Mountainous bush land.



We received a call from a well known local in the Taree community who has a special relationship with the local Aboriginals of the area. Mr. "F", claims that the local Aboriginals still spend much time in the bush land, hunting and often come across the Yowie. The Yowies on this particular side of Taree are said to be the small variety called either the "Brown Jacks" or "Little Fellas", on the other side there are the large Yowies.

A group of five young hunters came to Mr."F" and told him how they caught a Yowie hand in a Dingo trap. He said they were on the level, and were basically jumping over each other to tell their story.

Apparently they had strung up a Roo in a tree with a Dingo trap beneath. When they came back to the location the next day, they found a hand from one of the "Little Fellas" caught in it. The hand had 3 fingers and a thumb, with 3 pads on each finger. The nails were humans like and the top of the hand was covered in hair.

The boys were worried about the consequences from various parties for catching the hand and as to what happened to the hand?........ He said they don't have it anymore and wouldn't tell me until I spoke to certain Elders in their community first.

I chased a few other locals around to find out the nature of this man I was talking to, and to my surprise - he sounds like a very "liked" and known member of the community.

He gave some other local stories from the area, however not detailed enough to report on.







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