Location: Timsvale, New South Wales


Event: Audible and Strange Smell


Date: 1977


Terrain: Abandoned logging village in forest.





It was back in 1977 a friend and I were staying at Timsvale an old ghost town with 16 buildings in it, It was when picnic at hanging rock was on at the drive in at Coffs Harbour. Timsvale was recently purchased by the Govt and turned it into a youth hostel.


We were the only ones there, as everybody else went to the drive in.


About 8pm we were watching TV in one of the buildings with the window open. There were horses just outside in the paddock, we could hear some strange deep growling sound coming from the bush outside.


It was a very eerie sound and the horses spooked well and truly, started making noise and jumping about really nervous, then we smelled something really rotten, dead like an animal carcass or something it was overpowering and made us feel very ill, I felt like chundering it was nothing I had ever smelled before.


We both had a very bad feeling that something was watching us we didn't hang around for long it was terrifying. We ran outside and got on our motorbikes and took off into town.


We didn't even stop at the supervisors place a couple of miles down the road we just kept going until we got to town to a friend's place.


I have never been back to that hostel and it has since closed.











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