Location: Thredbo, New South Wales (Snowy Mountains)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 2005

Terrain: Remote Forestry





John and two friends left a function (totally sober), at Thredbo at 2am driving a Ford Explorer with three large spotlights mounted on the front of the vehicle, heading towards Cooma.


The spotlights had been fitted due to numbers of Brumbies, Pigs and Deer which often cross the slippery and winding roads at night.


Approximately 8km down the mountain from Thredbo travelling at only 60kmh, the men rounded a tight bend onto a straight passage when they were suddenly confronted by a large animal in the middle of the road 80m ahead.


At first they believed it was a Deer, then due to the size, thought perhaps a Brumby. Braking heavily and coming to a full stop some 30m away, they realised it was neither.


Walking towards them in the middle of the road was a huge creature on two legs and covered in long hair.


“It was light grey with some dark streak. It had broad shoulders and head. It was full on in our spotlights looking at us”.


What was even more interesting was it was apparently wearing a skin of what looked like a Deer, which began from the middle of its forehead and draped over its back like a coat. In the middle of snow season, perhaps it makes more sense than it seems.


“After seeing that” said John, “You can see why we never told anyone about this”.


The creature stopped in the middle of the road, before taking two massive strides, stepping over a 2ft guard rail and descending into the valley of the Thredbo River.


“It was at least 8ft tall and long arms. The Ford Explorer had us at about 6ft and we were looking out the windscreen and looking up at it. We sat there saying HOLY F***! After it disappeared over the rail, we got out and shone our flashlights down there. We couldn’t see anything, but then suddenly there was this huge Scream/Snarl from below that went on for about 10 seconds. I’ve heard a pig being caught before. It was like that but not. We got in the car and got out of there. On the way back we said we’d never talk about it again”.


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