Location: Torrington, New South Wales

Event: Various Stories

Date: 1980



My mother has seen one climb up a tree back in the 80’s. It was about a metre tall or a metre and a half.

My Uncle lived on the other side of Torrington and had thousands of acres. Every so often they went out on horseback. They found a dead, well, he said I’m buggered if I know what it was. He was concerned it could have been a deformed child and went to the Police. It was a 4 hour ride on horseback. The Cops said buggered if we’re going out that far, we’ll put it down as a Koala. So he went back and buried it. He said it was a metre tall and covered in hair.

The dogs were going ape shit. They tried to put it on a horse and they wanted nothing to do with it.

There have been many other sightings in the area. One guy was so scared he wouldn’t leave the house for three days.


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