Location: Vulcan State Forest, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1988

Time: 2pm



It was about 2pm, I was with my Sister.



We were riding around and stopped near some trees. We saw what looked like a Gorilla standing between the trees. We stood there trying to work out what it was. We had some small binoculars and we could see it looked like a Gorilla. I thought what is a Gorilla doing our here?

His chest didn’t have much hair. It was shiny. It was about 7ft tall. We could see head movement. It was like he was using the colour of the trees to blend in. It was looking at us seeing what we were doing.



I started shouting loud to try and get it to move. I said “Start the motorbike up, and see if that makes him move”. So we started it up and he didn’t move. It was all back and hairy, but there wasn’t much hair on its chest. The rest of him was hairy. The hair was a bit longer than a Gorillas. It was standing up straight, not like a Gorilla. It had so much hair on its face, it was hard to see features.

He blended in well with the pine trees. It was solid. Not muscly, just solid. We probably watched it for about 5 minutes.


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