Location: Watagans State Forest, NSW
Event: Encounter
Date: Oct 2010





I would like to tell you about an encounter that i had in the Watagan Forest area of NSW on Friday night. 

It was somewhere between 10 and 11 pm and I had become lost on the way to a camp site. I was alone with my dog in my car. I was travelling quite slow due to the roughness of the road when the dog started barking. I assumed she needed to pee, and so did I, so we got out of the car.

I was peeing in the middle of the very small track at the intersection I had stopped at. The track we had come down was very small and unused as the scrub and small tress were touching both sides of my landcruiser.

Ahead of me in the scrub i heard a branch break, it sounded like a big branch probably at least an inch round. The dog was going absolutely berserk  at this point and I relialised after the branch broke that something big was in the scrub just in front of us.  Then I heard a big precussion thud, is the only way to describe it, like a big rock being dropped on the ground.

At this point i was really concentration on the scrub where the noise came from but could not see anything as it was very dark with cloud covering the moon. Then I heard the thud noise again twice and saw something bigger than me move in the scrub about maybe 5-6 meters in front of me. I realised that whatever it was had moved toward me not backwards, and I realised I was in danger. I grabbed the dog, threw her into the car and drove out quickly.

I have always been a bit of an outdoorsman and have never encountered anything like this before in my life. I was so excited driving away as I thought that could have been nothing else but a yowie, all the time realising how close I came to what im sure would have been a nasty territorial encounter with this creature, it was at least two feet taller than me and I am six foot tall. I am probably very lucky to have not been injured or even killed.


Please let me know your honest opinion on this encounter as I am sure it was no animal i have ever encountered before...


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