Location: Watagans, New South Wales

Event: Possible Yowie Encounter

Date: Oct, 2011

Time: 10pm

Source: The Corroboree Website






Hey all,

I really want to share this with you guys as I think your all pretty open minded and lots of ya have spent a lot of time out in the bush. I want your guys opinions on what happened, I’m sure it was no animal I have encountered before and I have spent lots and lots of time out camping and such.

I was traveling to a party in the Watagan Forest area of NSW on Friday night round about 10-11pm I think. I had gotten hopelessly lost, due to me not following the directions and trying to follow a previous saved spot on my gps. I was somewhere near here I think http://maps.google.c...234589&t=h&z=10

I was driving down a small track in my troop carrier with just me and the dog in the car. It really was a small rough track with trees touching both sides of the car and rough ass 4wd only kind of track. I was traveling slow in 1st or 2nd gear low range as I had a trailer on the back with the genny and stuff in it and I didn’t want to bounce it round too much. As I got to the bottom of the track (an intersection) the dog started barking. I assumed she needed to pee as we had been traveling a while and I needed to pee too. I stopped at the intersection and turned off the car leaving the lights on. The dog had no interest in peeing and was barking like a nut case into the bush ahead of me, I didn’t really take too much outa her behavior as she is only 6 months old and still quite a puppy.


I was stood in the middle of the track peeing on the road when I heard a branch break in the scrub just in front of me. It was a big branch by the sound of it not a little twig. Sounded like at least 20mm round kinda noise. then after only maybe 10 second I heard a really large percussion type thud. I can only describe this like someone had dropped a large rock or log onto the ground. I then realised something big was in the scrub just in front of me and put my cock away LOL.


I then heard another two large thuds directly in succession. I was concentrating on the scrub really hard by this point, but it was very dark with the headlight of the troopy pointing off the other side and the moon covered by cloud. I then saw something move, now it was really dark and I didn’t see it really at all, but something big moved in the scrub only about 5-6 meters ahead of me. It was at least two feet taller than me. I could kinda see it was an upright kind of shape. I then realised it had moved kinda diagonally towards me, not away, and I realised I was in danger whatever it was. i picked up the dog threw it in the troopy and took off. 

Now some of you guys know me, and I can tell you all I have spent plenty of time out in the bush doing hillbilly kinda shiz, I have never encountered anything like this and I’m not easily spooked. When it moved there was no way it was a four legged animal. It was upright and big. The shape I saw move, I think I couldn’t see the head it was just the shoulders maybe. I would estimate it to me maybe 3-4 feet wide and maybe 8 feet high. It was fkn big. 

As I drove away I went over the whole thing in my head, Kinda in disbelief. But I have come to the conclusion it wasn’t a kangaroo, it wasn’t a feral bull, cow or horse no way was it a pig or goat and it was way too big to be human. I honestly can’t come up with anything other than a yowie.

The more I think of it the more I think I was very lucky in this encounter whatever this animal was. I had driven the troopy towards it for a few mins so it wasn’t scared of that. Then the dog and I had gotten out of the car with the dog going absolutely ballistic at it (even though she is only 6 months she is pretty big, Dane cross mastiff hunting dog) and it still hadn’t taken off, then it moved towards me! Seems as though the whole thud thing could have been a territorial thing and I was really lucky it didn’t charge out the scrub and attack me.

I was so excited driving away thinking about what I had just encountered, then I realised just how lucky I think I was too. The size of it I would have been no match for it at all it could have seriously hurt or even killed me I think..

Anyhoo, just letting you know i was straight as and have no real mental issues at all. This was a genuine encounter of something I think was a yowie. Let me know what your thoughts are. 










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