Location: Woodford, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2001

Terrain: House near bush



I leave home at about 4:15 am to catch the train to work, and this particular morning, I was walking up the driveway, when I saw this huge dark figure on the footpath looking down at me. I was at eye level with it, but it would have been about 50 metres away from me. I would say it was about 7 feet tall.


It was a black silhouette, at first I had thought it was a drunken man, as its arms were swaying, really dopey like. It turned to the left and 2 or 3 steps it was in the bush.

I remember when it turned that it had a huge stomach, sort of like those old guys whose stomach hangs over their belts, except low. It was sort of lanky but just with a big stomach. The head didn't appear particularly big, but it had huge shoulders.

We both turned and ran at the same time. It was sort of hunched over when it ran.



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