Location: Woollamia, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July, 1985

Time: 10.30pm





My Dad has a farm down at Woollamia, on the South Coast near Huskisson. He has a hobby farm down there which we went to on School Holidays.


Myself, Dad, Mum and my younger sister went down there one day on the holidays to clear some bush from the block. Not many people lived along that road. On the other side of the road is a nature reserve.


We camped there at the time. We set up camp and went out that night to have a shower and get some dinner, came back around 10-10.30pm along the long dirt road with rather thick bush on the side. At the time the road had only just been cleared, it was just a dirt track before and it had now been widened.


Dad had the high beams on looking for the entrance of the property and we saw this thing walk across the road. At first we thought it was a person with grey overalls on, then we had a closer look and thought ‘What!’ – Basically here is thing with grey hair all over its body. It was about 6ft, walking across the road and taking large quick steps with swinging arms.


When we first saw it, it was about 40m in front of us and we were going pretty slowly, and the closest would have been about 20m. It went from the right to the left. The road was about 25m across. It looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars, even the way it walked. We only saw it side on at that stage. The hair was about 10-15cm long and shaggy – like Chewbacca. It didn’t have much of a neck. It was a bit hard to see a neck. It was built like a muscular athlete. It wasn’t thin. It was a grey coloured hair.



Dad slowed down when he saw it and it walked behind all the logs on the side of the road. We stopped, then took off again to head into our driveway and it put its head back out from behind the logs. Its eyes reflected like a nocturnal animal. I can’t quite remember if they were read or white, because it was a long time ago, but they definitely reflected. Dad got out of the car and shone the torch around, but couldn’t see anything.


When I got hooked up to the internet, I looked around and found your website. Until then I thought we were the only people who had seen it.


I spoke to an aboriginal man about it and he said that where he lived when he was younger, they had the smaller ones that used to come and steel their chicken eggs. He said that they used to chase them and they disappeared into the ground. The name Woollamia mean ‘watch out’ in the aboriginal language. 


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