Location: Richmond Range, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 2005

Witness: Phil






Richmond Range, New South Wales


Riding dirt bikes, exploring the tracks with friend Tim in a remote area in the National Park.



Mid morning, Phil pulled up waiting for his friend when he noticed movement on the side of the ascending fire trail at 150m away. At first he thought it was a person, however it was not. It was leaning out (while holding a tree with one arm), from the tree line starring right back at him. Thoughts suddenly turned to Gorilla.



The height was estimated at 6’. Gorillas, face, covered in dark hair, mullet type hair on the head (head hair longer than the body). Extremely muscular with large biceps, round muscley shoulders and incredibly thick set chest and neck muscles, like a Body Builder. A very powerful frame. Phil could see it in clear view from the top of its head down to it’s waist.



“It was checking me out the same as I was checking it out. I saw no sign of aggression. It was like looking at a very large and fit looking Human being.”



“I was eye balling the thing. I got the Gorilla impression. I could see its eyes. You know how apes have got a really prominent jaw, well that didn’t really stand out to me, but this thing wasn’t Human. I weigh 115kgs, whatever this thing weighed, it was a lot more than me.”



Both stood there looking at each other for a two or three minutes until Tim approached on his bike.



It then turned and began to walk off casually to the left and suddenly ‘vanished’.

Emphasis is made to the massive size of the chest, and several references to Body Builders from the side view as it turned.



“I still remember looking into its eyes to this day”.






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