Location: Providence Portal, New South Wales (Lake Ecumbene - Snowy Mountains)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June 9, 2012

Terrain: Remote Forestry





Shane and his friend arrived at Providence Portal, on the edge of Lake Ecumbene, on Friday the 5th of June for Fly Fishing, as they have done many times before.


At 10.30am on Saturday they decided to find out if it was possible to take their 4WD to the opposite side of the Lake, directly opposite the Lodge where they were staying.


Upon finding a rough track, they battled through the bush for several hours which Shane states was “Hard Going” and then through water until they finally reached their destination, halfway through the afternoon.


After setting up a small fire, they fished for the rest of the day and into the night.


At midnight they packed the Mitsubishi Triton and at 12.30am, they set off on their return journey back to the other side of Lake Ecumbene. Just as they were leaving, on the track only 20-30m ahead, a creature ran out of the bush line from right to left.

“It had black hair and was hunched over like a Gorilla” said Shane. “I’m 6’2” and it was the same size as me crunched over as me standing upright. I know Kangaroos, Pigs and all that. It was non of them”.


Shane accelerated as the creature vanished into the scrub on the left of the track, then turned the vehicle into the forest with his spotlights on in an attempt to gain another visual on it, but it had gone.


 “It was too big for a person. I weigh 112kg. This was double that. It looked like a Gorilla. It’s eyes glowed orange. The hair was longish and matted, kind of scruffy. Big shoulders. We know what we saw”.


Both Shane and his friend prefer not to talk publically about the sighting, however it is a memory they will never forget.



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