Location: Torrington, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1985

Time: 12pm




The thing I saw was not the conventional type of Yowie you hear about. It was a peculiar type of animal that I had never seen before and never seen since.



I was building a fire trail down through ma gully on a bulldozer north west of Torrington, which is about 28km west of Deepwater. I had driven down a gorge in a valley and stopped for lunch, then walked back up to my vehicle to have my lunch and reposition my vehicle closer to where I would be at the end of the day.


I had taken a short cut along a creek and was walking steadily along. It had banks that were about 30ft high and fairly steep. The creek was only slowly trickling. Then I became face to face with this animal.


It stood up on two legs. We must have seen each other at the same time I suppose. It was bent down and its must have seen me at the same time as I saw it. We would have only been about 5 metres apart and it gave me a tremendous fright. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and all the rest. It was almost as tall as me and I’m 5’10”. If anything it was more bear like. There are some monkeys that have the same type nose I guess. It was dark brown with hair all over it. The legs didn’t have much shape to them, like there was no bends and the hair was fairly long all the way down. It did a harsh hiss type of growl at me and I froze. We stood there staring at each other, then it dropped to all 4 feet, crossed in front of me and climbed up the bank. It turned on its two feet first, then dropped to all fours and climbed up the rocks.


When it made its way up and over the bank where it all levelled out, I rather slowly and cautiously went up the bank and looked over the top and saw no sight of it. What was peculiar was there were no footprints. I looked for footprints but couldn’t find any.



I went straight home and gathered some friends to go out and search the area. It would have taken me an hour and a half to get back home and back with these other fellas 3 hours later and there was no sign of it. It was an odd animal that I had never seen before.



The hair was fairly long all over. It was a dark brown to black in colour. I can remember the face pretty well, it was somewhere a cross between a bear and some type of ape. It didn’t have a small screwed up nose, it had a longer one that stood out and some form of a snout. The nose stood out and its face was hairy. The body was kind of human like, but its face wasn’t. It was more between a bear and one of these monkeys with a long snout. It was fairly broad.



My dozer was the first vehicle to ever get into this valley. It was very remote. Very isolated.



I was very fearful. I’d seen nothing like it. Later, I did hear of a man who owned a property in the same area and had sighted a similar creature to what I witnessed.



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