Location: Coomera Valley, Queensland

Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting

Date: 1978



Mr. L. Rye told of a "nightmarish" encounter with a Yowie, after a School boy in Nerang came forward with a sighting only weeks prior. Mr. Rye was goind to keep quite about the incident as many do, but decided to back the boys claims.

Mr. Rye states, "We we had been playing indoor Bowls at Southport and were dropping one of the Ladies off in the Coomera Valley about Midnight when my wife and I saw this huge thing moving towards the edge of the road.

It was huge, about 10 or 12ft tall. It walked right across the road, stepped over a barbed wire fence and then walked along in the paddock besides the road. We saw it for almost an hour and we know it was no illusion."

Mrs. Rye says, " I was terrified, it was really huge". She said that her husband does not drink and drive and even though she knew people would doubt her story, she was convinced about what she saw. She added that they once thought the Yowie to be myth, but not anymore.






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