Location: Gootchie - ( not confirmed), Queensland


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: 1997





It was between Maryborough Road and the Bruce Highway, and we were felling trees. The dog barked, and then came running back to the truck so fast. And there, where the dog came from, this huge thing was coming down through the 1 metre high bracken fern. It was about 10:30 in the morning.


It was big, as its back was clearly visible over the top of the bracken fern. Then it stood up. It would have been 10 or 11 feet tall. It had dark black, three inch long hair. It had a short nose, little ears on the side of its head, and I could see sharp teeth. The ears were very much like a human on the side, but a little pointed on the top, not on the top of the head like most animals.


Its eyes were shiny. The front feet, when it was upright looked like hands, not feet. I could see it was sniffing, the nostrils were moving. The face appeared human, there was no hair on the nose, the long black hair was from the shoulders down the rest of the body.

It was about 6 metres away from us. It seemed inquisitive. I still had the chainsaw idling in my hand, and I think it was listening to a new sound. The legs were long, it was a big animal, I'm 6 ft tall and it was towering over me. I don't think there was any smell. The arms hung from very wide shoulders, and I noticed that the hair on the inside of the arms was partly worn off. He was robust, big and strong, its shoulders would have been 2 foot wide, with strong muscles in the arm very visible. I would say it weighed 1000 pounds at least the size of a ? grown bullock.


The bottom half appeared bear like, the top half more gorilla like, and the head more human-like. The nose protruded a maximum of 3 inches. There was a large lip between the nose and the teeth, and about 10 teeth, top and bottom seemed about an inch long, were almost like shark teeth, interlocking, but when the mouth was closed, you couldn't see the teeth because of the big lips.


When it was upright, it seemed a natural position for it to be in, as it walked, it moved like a human, there was no waddling. From the shoulders to the top of the head was about 18 inches, and the neck was the same width as the head.


When it took off, it walked away for a time on two legs, then dropped down on all fours and ran off. As it did this I noted it did not have a tail.


After it left, I went up to the area it had been standing, I could see claw marks in the dirt from the front legs.


We had just felled a tree, and it had fallen up in the direction of the bracken. Maybe we woke it up or disturbed it with the tree falling down.


I remember a young steer on a neighbouring property found half eaten in the paddock. The rear was eaten bones and all, and the front leg, the bone had been bitten straight through.


It couldn't be a dingo, as they just chew the meat off the bone.










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