Location: Mt Superbus (Great Divide-South of Boonah QLD), Queensland

Event: Camp Stalker

Date: 1986

Terrain: Dense Eucalypt Forest/Rain Forest.




The man in concern was a regular bush walker in the Mountains South of Ipswich QLD.

Upon discussion with him regarding "Strange Occurrences" in the Australian bush, he related the following story.

As he was hiking late one afternoon down from Mt Superbus just on dusk, he paused to have a rest when he heard a noise in the foliage 10-15 meters away parallel to the walking track. The noise suddenly stopped.

He started to walk again, at the same time he heard the breaking of branches and the movement of something large walking again in the bush nearby. Each time he stopped to listen, the movement would stop. The creature sounded as though it was on two legs and would only move when the man did. He wasn't sure what it was, and due to poor light and the density of the forest, he found it hard to see.

He thought it must have been human but couldn't explain why someone would be playing games with him up on a mountain side in dangerous rocky terrain off the regular track in almost darkness. As mentioned, the movement was parallel to the track but at all times the creature/human was always to the side but behind him (45 degrees).

Once he emerged from the bush after half an hour of being followed, the stalking stopped. This man definitely believes it was walking on two legs and used an intelligent predatory behaviour. Needless to say he was extremely spooked by this experience.

A few months later this same person was camping over night on Mt Superbus with friends. In the early hours of the morning he awoke and states he experienced an intense fear and felt like he was being watched by something.

He states that although he had not actually heard any movement around the camp site he believed that there was some paranormal presence of some creature observing their camp site.

Although he has spent many years in the bush, he has never before or after experienced this terrifying presence or aura that he experienced that night.

It lasted or some hours and he was that scared that he was powerless to move or able to have a look outside his tent.


(Authors Note - Mt Superbus is a very difficult and isolated mountain to climb. It requires permission through private property which is difficult to get. There is a aeroplane wreckage up there that crashed in the 1950's).







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